Top Candid wedding photographers in India

top canddi wedding photographers india

We – Amrit, Ankit & Neelabh – are candid wedding photograPhers & documentary movie makers. We shoot ourselves in almost all major Indian city without charging you for travel (Delhi, Mumbai, Hyd, Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Bhopal etc.). Because we love traveling and photography!

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Candid wedding photographers India


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Candid wedding photographers India



Do you really need a candid wedding photographer for your wedding?

Whether or not candid wedding photographers are necessary for your wedding depends on your expectation from your wedding photographs. If all that you want is, there be some pictures of all the guests, especially when they are participating in rituals, and you are not too worried about the ‘visual quality’ of pictures, you don’t have to be looking for any of the candid wedding photographers India has. Any studio photographer will do. However, if you want visually stunning pictures that portray emotions, feelings, energy, chaos from one of the most special days of your life, then you better have an artistic photographer (who typically take candid shots and not instructed / posed pictures).



About us

We are one of the leading candid wedding photographers India has

Best candid wedding photographers in Indiabest candid wedding photographers in indiabest candid wedding photographers in world


At present Neelabh lives in Hyderabad and Ankit in Delhi. Amrit is usually traveling all across India for about 2 weeks every month (for shoots) but when he is not working, he lives and drinks in Goa.

Many a times, people ask us, what made us become candid wedding photographers? Or cinematographers for that matter. There is no easy answer. There is no one answer. Amrit explains below why he quit his job and took this full time. And how the transition fro an amateur photographer to one of the top candid wedding photographers India has been.

“There were not too many candid wedding photographers in India when we started this. Not many even knew what candid photography meant. But did I jump into this because I wanted to fill the void? Not really? I simply did not want to continue with a 5 days a week regular job where you get promoted every few years. Where you keep getting salary increments. And because you are bored but have money, you get married, buy house and car and keep paying EMIs. So I was looking at ways to get rid of my job. That’s when Neelabh helped me by suggesting taking up wedding photography. Both Neelabh and I were good at photography. But had never tried to exploit our skills commercially. We looked at the work of some of the well known wedding photographers in India over internet. And even those abroad. That gave us confidence in our own quality of work. We created and put up pictures we had taken at some of our friends wedding. That was the start. Over time, people recognized the value that we were able to bring to their weddings. And today, after having created magic in hundreds of weddings, we are regarded as on the top candid wedding photographers India offers.”


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ShaadiGraPher – one of the best candid wedding photographers India has

If you try Googling for candid wedding photographers India, you will end up with hundreds of websites. From hundreds of photographers. All declaring themselves candid wedding photographers India. So how do you choose the photographer that is right for you? This task could get very daunting. We have a simple recommendation to make this job easier for you.

Look at the work of around 20 to 30 photographers – shortlists around 10 photographers whose work you really really love! Now ask yourself the following questions

  • Are pictures from individual weddings (instead of assorted collection from different weddings) showcased? This is important because without having a look at a single wedding collection, you will never be able to gauge the true caliber of of the top candid wedding photographer India has.
  • Are indicative prices mentioned somewhere? You will see that most Candid wedding photographers India don’t mention their prices. This is strange. What this probably means is that a lot of them want to quote differently to different customers. We leave it to you, if you still want to go ahead with such photographers. For those who have listed prices, does that fit in your budget?

Based on the above two, you can have the second short-list ready and then write / talk to around 4-5 photographers and see who are most proactive, good to talk with, professional in their approach, available and willing to shoot your wedding, and then go ahead and book the one who fits all the bill! There you go!