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A lot of photographers ask us if they can join us, assist us, learn from us etc. If you are one of them, you should read this page.

Jaipur, India, 2015.

Photograph by Amrit. Jaipur, India, 2015.

If we like your work, we would create picture stories from pictures taken in the weddings that you have shot. You can check out our existing freelancer’s work.

We are not great fans of close portraits which don't do anything more than showing the expression of a person (few of them are fine, as long as they are really awesome shots).

What we really love are awesome wide angle candid shots that bring out stories from weddings (beyond just a face). So do keep this in mind.

Share with, 1000 pixels wide photographs that you have shot (and have all rights for), 20 (min) to 30 (max) in number from a single wedding. Yes, we are not interested in random pictures collected from different weddings. If we like your work from the single wedding, we will ask you to share similar number from two more weddings.

Also let us know which city you are based out of and share the following with us your fee for candid photography:

  • in your city for a 5-6 hrs (or less) function
  • in your city for a whole day (or whole night) of shoot (few functions spread across)

The scope of work would include shooting in RAW, selecting the ones that you like, processing the selected ones to Jpegs, dumping them in a DVD or two and couriering it off. Once in a while, you might also be needed to create a photo-book layout (which typically also involves iteration). You don’t have to worry about printing though. We prefer minimal layout only and you can have a look at our style.

Terms & Conditions

  • You should maintain and share with us a Public Google Calendar which clearly mentions the dates when you are already booked [if you are not sure, how this is done, check out this snapshot – you can create a new calendar and then go to the settings and invite us to access the same]
  • What we charge the client for your services, might not be the same as your fee. For our clients you will represent the ShaadiGraPher brand as a freelance artist. You are not expected to discuss your fee with them directly and confuse them.
  • You can use the photographs that you shoot as ShaadiGraPher freelancers, ‘offline‘ to show to your own potential clients, but you are not allowed to use them online (on your personal photography site / FB page / or other sites); you can use them to participate in offline exhibitions / competitions etc.
  • When we create picture stories from photographs clicked by you, we would always mention your name; we would not use pictures clicked by you for entering into competitions / exhibitions. We will use your pictures only when it is for the purpose of displaying your portfolio.

If you don’t already have a portfolio to share – then, as of now, we don’t have anything to offer. Sorry about that! :( What we suggest is, go gatecrash a wedding and click pictures. No one stops a photographer from shooting ever! Don’t wait for someone to hire you as an assistant. Because even if they did, in all likelihood they would own the copyrights and you might still not be able to use those pictures anywhere online! So just go-to any damn wedding and shoot!

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