Best Photographers for family shoot – the story of a mother and her 2 sons

[Post titled “Best Photographers for family shoot – the story of a mother and her 2 sons” by Amrit, co-founder ShaadiGraPher]

This is once again,  a non-wedding post. I had a wedding shoot scheduled in Mumbai. Few days before that, Varun, my class mate of five years from IIT and a good friend (we were placed in the same company after graduating / post-graduating), asked me if I knew any photographer who could do a family shoot at his place for few hours. His sister and her two children were going to be there with him, and it was her sister who wanted this shoot. Varun had tried Googling for best photographers for family shoot in Mumbai and around. He even contacted few people but those who seemed to do a good job had charges which were mind numbing. I told him about my existing shoot in Mumbai and that if he wanted, I could come a day before and shoot myself. He readily agreed.

And thus, I met Varun’s didi and her two cute, adorable and shy kids. We had decided to do some outdoor shoots but I was free only in the morning and Mumbai was too hot to try venturing outdoors, especially with kids. So well, I shot mostly in Varun’s hall and when we got totally bored of shooting just in the hall, we went down to the apartment’s garden and within 10 minutes, headed back to indoors – it was so hot (at about 10 in the morning!).

A few days after the shoot, Varun’s didi compiled together few quotes which Varun forwarded to me so that I could use it in a photobook layout which could be printed. And that is what I have posted below. Hope you enjoy it.

Best Photographers for family shoot – the story of a mother and her 2 sons

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