Candid Photographers Delhi – Ashish+Priyanka engagement

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I was sitting inside the banquet hall when she came over and asked me if I was Amrit.

I confirmed. She reminded me it was her wedding that Ankit had shot in Dehradun. She was Aishwarya.

‘I had seen the pictures, but you look different in real life, so couldn’t recognize’, I explained with a smile.

‘You mean I look fat now’, she teased.

‘No, no, I mean everyone looks different in real life than how they look in pictures. That’s all’, I clarified! She looked very pretty. We had spoken over phone and interacted through emails in 2015, when she was getting married. We were finally meeting in 2017.

I was at The Lalit hotel in Delhi. It was Aishwarya’s brother’s engagement this time. It was a small evening function where just the close family and friends were invited. These are the images from that function. Hope you like them!

Candid Photographers Delhi

Candid photographers Delhi

I hope you could notice how I try my best to capture the interactions that happen during such functions. I try not to get carried away by candid ‘face shots’ after face shots (with blurred background). I do believe engagements or weddings are more about what happens between people than about how they look or what dress they wear! And so, my pictures try to capture the same – the reality of the amazing drama that Indian weddings are! :)

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