Candid Wedding Photography – what is it all about?

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People often ask me to explain my style of photography. Well, the style is candid photography. To simply put, candid wedding photography is the art of capturing moments when no one is posing for the camera. Let us agree, when people pose for the camera, they look the same. That standard staring into the camera. That standard forced smile. What really is the fun in it? Does an expression like that, really tell you how that person felt in your wedding. And if it was your wedding, how you really felt that evening? Of course not. Candid expressions however, are full of variety. You can be clicked smiling, laughing, sleeping, jumping, dancing, flirting, thinking, getting bored, getting emotional, getting excited and on and on. And all in the span of few hours. When you look back at these photographs, they convey to you a story. They become special.

Having described what candid wedding photography is, I must confess that unlike conventional wedding photography, candid photography requires extra effort. It is definitely not something that any regular photographer can do. You really have to be passionate about the value a candid picture brings to someone, to be able to do a good job.

The ‘extra effort’ required in Candid Wedding Photography:

First and foremost, a candid wedding photographer should have the ability to observe the wedding from an interesting perspective. You can think about this as an inherent aesthetic sense of an individual. After all, it is how a photographer sees an event that determines how good (s)he can click, isn’t it? Without a careful eye, a lot of interesting moments might simply get missed. When choosing a candid wedding photographer, make sure you are convinced about this ‘ability-to-see’ skill of the photographer.

Secondly, it is important in candid wedding photography to minimize the use of flash-light. Only in rare situations (when it is simply too dark for anything to show) should the photographer use flash. Flash-light kills the natural look and feel of a venue. You can be of great help to a photographer if you ensure good diffused lights across your venue.

Thirdly, it is a good idea to introduce the candid wedding photographer to some of the closest family-members and friends present on the occasion. This will help the photographer in ensuring that other than the couple, focus can be given more to the people who matter, than to a crowd of guests. Couples who hire a photographer are often very busy during their own wedding. They have a lot to be worried about. Therefore, it is advisable to delegate the job of introducing the candid photographer to your family and friends to a reliable sibling, cousin or a friend who knows folks from both sides of the family. I was shooting in Bhopal once. It was a Sangeet ceremony. I was clicking something somewhere when Vineet, the bride’s brother came over and told me quickly – ‘look there, that’s my nanaji and Vasudha is going to meet him. You may get some good candid shots’. And some good candid shots I did get. Real emotions. Not posed ones! :)

Candid Wedding Photography India

By the way, you can see more examples of candid wedding photography done in this wedding on Facebook.


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