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That’s Anne and Yannick sipping coconut water in the picture above. They got hitched last weekend (yes the Diwali weekend) in Kochi and I had the opportunity to be the candid wedding photographer for the occasion. I reached Kochi a night before and shared room with a guy called Neelesh. He asked me which place was I coming from. ‘Goa’, I replied. ‘And you’? – I asked him. ‘Vancouver’, he answered.

I told him how much I loved Vancouver even if I had been in the city for only a day or two (this was during my month long travel in North America more than two years back). ‘Ah, finally I have someone around who can also vouch for how great a place Vancouver is’, Neelesh seemed delighted. He soon left with another friend of his for Lulu mall (the mall has almost become a tourist destination place for first timers in Kochi – I didn’t care to visit it the first time I had come to Kochi, and I didn’t care this time either)! Yannick dropped by to my room to say hi. This is when I first met him. He was a French. And so was his entire family. And not all of them spoke English. Anne and her family were from Kerala. Likewise, not all of them spoke English. :) And yet, as I would observe the whole of next day, this language barrier was no barrier at all. Yannick and Anne’s love united everyone. The couple could converse thoroughly in both French and English by the way.

Anyhow so after Yannick left and I had a phone-call with Anne to discuss next day’s plan, I went to sleep. In the morning, I visited Yannick in his room where he was getting ready for the big day, being helped by two of his best friends!

Top candid photographers Kochi

Part A: the wedding

Top candid photographers KochiTop candid photographers Kochi

The hip-flask and the handkerchief were pretty important I was told by Yannick’s best friends.

IMG_9879 top wedding photographers in india IMG_8697 IMG_8698

candid wedding photography 1 best wedding photographers indiabest wedding photography india

Once Yannick was ready, I left for Anne’s house, in a mini-bus, along with some of her other friends. Most of them had studied together at NIT Trichi (including Neelesh). I wonder how and when did Anne move to learning French! The guy in blue shirt in the picture below is Neelesh by the way (the one who works in Vancouver). The other guy is Satya and he would later in the night, win a great competition!

IMG_0039 IMG_0042

And then I saw Anne for the first time. She looked pretty. And happy.

candid photograph bride beautiful IMG_8871

At her house, bridesmaids were putting together the final touches to their costumes, posed pictures were being clicked, prayers were being read and kids were being naughty. There was this typical chaotic buzz that precedes any wedding.

IMG_0071 IMG_0103 IMG_0109 IMG_0113 IMG_0191 IMG_8795IMG_0047

Once enough pictures had been taken, and the bridesmaids were done with all the preparations and the kids started to get too restless, we all moved to the church.


candid wedding photographers in india

Anne waited in her car for a while till Yannick and his family arrived.

IMG_0261 IMG_8892IMG_0279

And then she joined Yannick and the procession began.

IMG_0287 IMG_0298 IMG_0302 IMG_0314 IMG_0317 IMG_0319

Songs were occasionally sung, throughout the procession.

IMG_0325 IMG_0352 candid wedding photographers india IMG_9067IMG_0365 IMG_0376 IMG_0382 IMG_0385  IMG_0409

The procession had been been on for over an hour when Anne suddenly complained of uneasiness. And before she knew, she fainted. She sat down for a while, was helped with water and the procession continued (I obviously didn’t find it right to click pictures once she fainted).

IMG_0422 IMG_0428

But Anne was a strong girl. She soon stood up carried on with the procession till its end. ‘I always faint when I visit Church’, she would later explain to her friends.

IMG_0431 IMG_0433 IMG_0446 IMG_0456

And well, Anne and Yannick were a finally a happy married couple. Everyone wanted to take a picture of them of course!

IMG_0464 IMG_0475 IMG_0479

These cute kids (in the picture below) waited with garlands in their hands, at the Church’s door. They garlanded the couple before they left the church for the reception venue.

IMG_0527 IMG_0529 IMG_0532 IMG_0560 IMG_0587 IMG_0619list of top wedding photographers in india

All of us were soon on our way to the reception venue.


Part B: the reception

The reception was about lighting of lamps, cutting of cakes, speeches, sipping coconut together, raising toasts and a lot of hugs, congratulations and good laughs!

IMG_9264 IMG_9298 IMG_9317 IMG_9332IMG_9320IMG_9323 IMG_9335 best wedding photographers indiaIMG_9343 top wedding photographers of india IMG_9360 IMG_9371IMG_0642 IMG_0660 IMG_0665

Part C: the party

Post lunch, all of us moved to an indo-French resort. Tables and chairs had been arranged in the open. And then it started drizzling. We thought it would stop soon.

IMG_0712 IMG_0716 IMG_0720 IMG_0733 IMG_0751 IMG_0770

It was still drizzling and was already kind of dark by the time I could take fun pictures (that we had planned earlier). And before we could start having fun, the rain picked up speed and so did the winds. The canope-tents that had been setup to take care of drizzles were now on the verge of flying away and one had to soon take them away and let all the arrangement get washed away by the rains.

IMG_0808who are the top wedding photographers in india? IMG_9422IMG_0801 IMG_0811

So was the party ruined? No one was sure when the rain would stop (if it ever did). Yannick, now pretty much drenched, was sad. Anne consoled him. It didn’t look like they had just gotten married. Their chemistry made you feel they had always been with each other!

IMG_0822 IMG_0826 IMG_0831

She decided to call her family and update them about what had just happened here at the resort. Yannick suggested that it was pointless for them to come over any more. But they were already on their way and so they said they would come over anyway. Party or no party.


We all moved to the small covered restaurant area of the resort as we waited for the rains to stop. And slowly everyone forgot about the rains. It was time to drink and eat and enjoy the evening with the couple. Afterall, life is like a bicycle – to keep the balance you have to keep moving!

list of wedding photographers indiaIMG_0839 IMG_0845best wedding photographers india top wedding photographers indiacandid wedding photographers india christian wedding photographers india

Anne’s family arrived shortly thereafter and by that time it was back to mild drizzling. Celebrations intensified and a round of toasts were raised!

creative candid wedding photography IMG_0992 IMG_1022 IMG_1052 IMG_1113 IMG_1120 IMG_1175 IMG_1186

And then it was slideshow time. Everyone had a hearty laugh as pictures of both Anne and Yannick where shown on a screen. There obviously were afew awwwws in between the laughs! Unfortunately, because I was trying to capture everyone’s reaction, I never got to see the slideshow myself! :)

IMG_1203 IMG_1206 IMG_9523 IMG_9529 IMG_9578

By this time, it was midnight and that meant it was Diwali. So some of their friends decided to burst firecrackers. A pretty eventful evening after an equally eventful day, I must say! Hey – that even rhymed! :P

IMG_1221 IMG_1228 IMG_1230

Before everyone could just get more drunk and fall off dancing, there was this one last French ritual left. Men and women were to bid for Anne’s skirt – if men placed money, Yannick would pull up the skirt (a little bit) and if women did, the skirt would be brought down. The guy who would place the last bid would win and would get a chance to pull down the garter with his teeth. The game entertained everyone and guess who won? Remember the guy in the bus (in the first few pictures) whom I had introduced as Satya? He did. And oh boy, he was euphoric over the victory!

IMG_1308 IMG_1320 IMG_1337 IMG_1344 IMG_1349 IMG_1357 IMG_1359 IMG_1369 IMG_1384 IMG_9469

And with this my friends, we come to the end of this wedding story. Everyone danced till late in the night and I was too tired after a while to do any more work. I didn’t realize when I dozed off. After few just two hours of sleep, I had to rush to the airport to catch my flight back to Bangalore where I waited at the airport for few hours before I took the next flight to Goa and from there I jumped into another flight to Mumbai which then went all the way to Kolkata from where I boarded a train to reach my parent’s place -just slightly past Diwali. Belated happy Dipawali wishes to all of you and hope you liked the picture-story!


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