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What this less than INR 30k camera can do, will blow your mind!

I have been a photographer for quite some time but have never seen anything so spectacular from a point and shoot camera! Or any camera for that matter!


Here is a quick compilation of some of the test-footage that people around the world have been sharing from Nikon Coolpix P900!

I am not too sure why this should be called a camera. It is a fcuking telescope.

I have this feeling, someone is taking a video of me right now, as I am creating this blog. And I will never be able to find out. Till the video comes up on Youtube!

I am a wedding photographer and have to travel across the country for shoots. I think with this one, I can shoot all weddings, sitting at home! Thank you Nikon!

I am pretty confident that if one takes this camera to the top of Mt. Everest, most of Asia can be captured!

So if you are extremely tempted to buy it, just go for it. Don’t let your neighbors know about it though – they might hate you for owning one! :P And even if you don’t plan to buy one, just be careful about your acts in public, even if no one is around. Because you never know who is shooting you from another planet! Till the video shows up on Youtube! :D

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