Deoghar Nov 2013

Came to Deoghar after almost a year – below are few pictures from home. Seen are dadi, nani, mummy, nanaji, Subbu, myself (in a reflection), Meena (domestic help) and baba (in order of appearance).

deoghar2-small Page 2deoghar2-small Page 4deoghar2-small Page 5deoghar2-small Page 6deoghar2-small Page 7deoghar2-small Page 8deoghar2-small Page 10 deoghar2-small Page 11deoghar2-small Page 12deoghar2-small Page 14deoghar2-small Page 15deoghar2-small Page 16deoghar2-small Page 18deoghar2-small Page 20deoghar2-small Page 21deoghar2-small Page 22deoghar2-small Page 24deoghar2-small Page 26deoghar2-small Page 27 deoghar2-small Page 28 deoghar2-small Page 29deoghar2-small Page 30deoghar2-small Page 32deoghar2-small Page 33deoghar2-small Page 34deoghar2-small Page 35deoghar2-small Page 36deoghar2-small Page 37deoghar2-small Page 38deoghar2-small Page 40deoghar2-small Page 42deoghar2-small Page 44deoghar3 Page 2deoghar4 Page 2 deoghar4 Page 3deoghar4 Page 4deoghar4 Page 6deoghar4 Page 8 deoghar4 Page 9deoghar4 Page 10


The author

I started in the spring of 2012 to experiment with wedding photography. Prior to that, I studied at IIT Madras (2003-08) and worked as a business consultant in PwC for four years. Since 2014, I have also been making documentary movies on a variety of subjects and issues ( Phone: +95525 89252 Email: To get quote for wedding photography / cinema, please provide city, date and approx duration of all the functions. I am location independent and shoot across India - without any additional charge for travel.

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