Indian Destination Wedding Photographers – the Devigarh story

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This is the story of Shaina and her beloved Imran. Yes, the happy people you see in the picture above. I had taken the above picture on my last day in Udaipur, some time after the ‘vidaai’ took place. It was the strangest vidaai that I had seen. Unlike most vidaais where the girl leaves with the guy and the rest of guy’s family, in Shaina’s case, it was Imran’s family that left him with her (and her family)! Where do you find families as considerate as this? I don’t know. And now let me go back two days from when the above picture was taken. And let me narrate to you the story of Shaina and her beloved Imran. Through some words. And a lot of pictures. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of a royal wedding that took place in the beautiful Devigarh palace of Udaipur.

Indian Destination Wedding Photographers

Indian Destination Wedding Photographers – the Devigarh story chapter 1: Mehndi

It was during her Mehndi when I first met Shaina. She looked pretty. And her dress looked pretty. And that braid that fell from one shoulder. That looked pretty. Pretty much everything about the morning was, well, pretty.

Indian Destination Wedding Photographers Indian Destination Wedding Photographers

In one corner of the courtyard where girls and women were busy getting their palms painted with Mehndi, sat an old man who made bangles out of something. And when the girls and the women were not busy getting mehndi painted on their palms, they tried out his bangles. The old man was busy most of the times, I tell you. So were the girls and women.

Indian Destination Wedding Photographers Indian Destination Wedding PhotographersIMG_4319

There also was a shoe seller next to the bangle-man. And a lot of takers for shoes as well.

IMG_4164 IMG_4225 IMG_4440 IMG_4334 IMG_4343 IMG_4357 IMG_4360 IMG_4365 IMG_4389 IMG_4451 IMG_4469 IMG_4570 IMG_4592 IMG_4669

And as some of the images above tell you, there was some song and dance as well. And then most people had their mehndis done. And bangles and shoes bought. And everyone was a little bit hungry. So we all ate. And then I came back to my hotel and slept for a while. So that I could be fresh for the evening Sangeet ceremony.

Indian Destination Wedding Photographers – the Devigarh story chapter 2: Sangeet

I returned to the palace a bit early so I could capture Shaina getting ready for her Sangeet.

IMG_4761 IMG_4778IMG_4779 IMG_4782 IMG_4785 IMG_4817 IMG_4909

Shaina’s Sangeet dress that had gone for ironing did no arrive on time. This led to some tense moments as time slipped by and guests became impatient for the Sangeet performance to begin. But a few phone calls and things were sorted and our lovely Shaina was all set to hit the dance floor.

IMG_4917 IMG_4934 IMG_4950 IMG_4964 IMG_4976 IMG_4983 IMG_5027 IMG_5034 IMG_5069 IMG_5045IMG_5074 IMG_5147IMG_5117

It was a rocking performance by Shaina, her siblings, and cousins and friends and everyone else that was up there on stage with her. She then came down and took her seat while others carried on. And yet, from where she sat, Shaina made sure she kept swinging to every beat to which the performers on stages shook their booties. Or shook their legs. And charmed the guests.

IMG_5173 IMG_5190 IMG_5233 IMG_5249 IMG_5259 IMG_5407 IMG_5445

One of the guests happened to be a leading Punjabi / Hindi singer and though she said her voice was not the best that evening, she sung few lines that enchanted everyone who had the pleasure of listening to her voice.

IMG_5531 IMG_5553IMG_5571 IMG_4998

Once the performances were done, the dance floor was opened up and everyone kept dancing to Bollywood thumkas till the time Imran and his family arrived from Bhopal. Because then everyone had to go to the gate to receive them.

IMG_5591 IMG_5606 IMG_5609 IMG_5628 IMG_5727 IMG_5686 IMG_5706 IMG_5756 IMG_5771

And there’s our man. The good looking chap garlanded in the picture above. Imran. So they all came and were received and then they probably crashed off and fell asleep. Because I sure did that, the moment I returned to my hotel. We were all going out to Shiv Niwas Palace for a lunch. For a royal lunch rather. That’s Chapter 3 people.

IMG_5785 IMG_5788

Indian Destination Wedding Photographers – the Devigarh story chapter 3: The Luncheon


Now look at this place mate. This Shiv Niwas thing in Udaipur, in the picture above. Ain’t that the most good looking gorgeous place where one can possibly have lunch? Absolute royalness. And the way Imran and Shaina dressed up for the occasion, they looked like the place belonged to them! Go through the pictures, you shall agree. It was a nice pleasant and a lazy February afternoon. Where both sides of the families got to spend some time with each other. Before the evening Nikah. And they had some pretty good time for sure.

IMG_5835 IMG_5843 IMG_5851 IMG_5942 IMG_5881 IMG_5889 IMG_5896 IMG_5902 IMG_5914 IMG_5916 IMG_5930 IMG_5944 IMG_5954 Indian Destination Wedding Photographers Indian Destination Wedding Photographers IMG_6030 IMG_6058 IMG_6070 IMG_6082 IMG_6110IMG_6097 IMG_6125 IMG_6185 IMG_6206

Indian Destination Wedding Photographers – the Devigarh story chapter 4: Nikah

And now we move on to the most important event that took place over the three days that I spent in Udaipur. The Nikah. As Shaina started getting dolled up to look like the perfect bride, Imran took his place atop an elephant.

IMG_6226 IMG_6232 IMG_6238 IMG_6240 IMG_6300IMG_6260 IMG_6266 IMG_6330 IMG_6350IMG_6351 IMG_6346IMG_6360 IMG_6378 IMG_6383 IMG_6401IMG_6389 IMG_6425

Shaina’s family and friends had blocked the main entrance to the palace so that they could ask for some money before they let Imran and the baraat enter. But what do you do when the groom comes on an elephant? You give way!

IMG_6419IMG_6405 IMG_6436 IMG_6443 IMG_6463 IMG_6476

But giving up is not what Shaina’s team had ever learnt. They soon found another smaller gate through which the baraat must enter (and this time there was no elephant). Only after cut-throat negotiations were the baraatis finally let in! And of course only after exchange of some cash!

IMG_6489 IMG_6495 IMG_6532 IMG_6551 IMG_6556 IMG_6563 IMG_6575 IMG_6579 IMG_6598 IMG_6619

Once the baraatis had entered, it was time for Shaina to take her place at the bride’s altar. This was definitely the most emotional moment for her. And she cried. She was getting married after all. And what a beautiful wedding this had been.

IMG_6664 IMG_6675 IMG_6727 IMG_6738 IMG_6802IMG_6749 IMG_6795 IMG_6809

Imran was seated in a different hall of course. The Kazis carried out the Nikah and soon booth Imran and Shaina had Kubooled each other!

IMG_6716 IMG_6833 IMG_6835 IMG_6854 IMG_6841 IMG_6842 IMG_6882 IMG_6891 IMG_6905 IMG_6908 IMG_6956 IMG_6781

Once the Kazis had declared Imran and Shaina husband and wife, it was time for them to leave their respective halls and come together for the sweet and short reception by the pool-side. And then the day was over!

IMG_6987 IMG_7010 IMG_7031 IMG_7052IMG_7288 IMG_7073 IMG_7087 IMG_7112 IMG_7189 IMG_7207IMG_7198 IMG_7266 IMG_7335 IMG_7386

Indian Destination Wedding Photographers – the Devigarh story chapter 5: Vidaai

This is the vidaai I talked about in the opening paragraph. But even when Shaina was not going anywhere, Sheeba, her sister did get emotional. Happens all the time in weddings, doesn’t it?

IMG_7412 IMG_7418 IMG_7521 IMG_7528 IMG_7540 IMG_7546 IMG_7551 IMG_7553 IMG_7582IMG_7572 IMG_7584 IMG_7636 IMG_7641

Once Imran and Shaina waved good-bye to Imrans’ family, I took them out on a little tour of the palace. We had very little time because everyone needed to pack up and leave the palace.  I did get few good pictures in whatever little time I had. And then it was time to leave so Shaina came and hugged me and thanked. And I told her the pleasure was mine. As I always say. Because the pleasure is always mine. Bring on more beautiful weddings to me, will you. :) Keep getting married guys, and if you loved this picture story, spread the good word. Or good work! After the wedding, Shaina moved on from London to Los Angeles with Imran, I have been told. I wish both of them an amazing married life.

IMG_7647 IMG_7708 IMG_7770 IMG_7767

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