It’s just a small function at home – do I need candid photography?

Pictures and blog-post by Amrit

Once in a while when I speak to potential clients, this question does come up! It’s just a small function at home – do I need candid photography? Or shall I manage with a regular studio photographer.

In December last year, Neelabh and I had the pleasure of taking candid pictures during some of the per-wedding ceremonies of Shilpa. Shilpa is an absolutely gorgeous looking girl. Unfortunately, none of us at ShaadiGraPher were free on her wedding day, else we would have also covered that. So Neelabh shot her engagement while I shot the mehndi ceremony and the Sangeet ceremony – on two different dates. And I will make use of some of the pictures that I had taken during her mehndi ceremony to answer the question that I have raised.

To put the context clearly, the ceremony was like a 4 hours affair at Shilpa’s house. Only the immediate family members were present. Now that’s as small as a function gets. We are talking about less than 20 people. There was no function as such. A couple of mehndi artists had been called to apply Mehdni to Shilpa and some other female family members of the house. And yet, at the end of those four hours where I shot only in a moderately sized dining hall and Shilpa’s bedroom, I could create so many photographs that if I posted all of them here, you wouldn’t even find the time to see them all (200+)! And I am not talking about a single posed picture – only beautiful candid shots! Does that answer your question?

IMG_5368 IMG_5438 IMG_5394 IMG_5414 IMG_5446 IMG_5448 IMG_5460 IMG_5495 IMG_5510 IMG_5517 IMG_5522 IMG_5529 IMG_5541IMG_5533 IMG_5540 IMG_5552 IMG_5592 IMG_5608 IMG_5618 IMG_5627 IMG_5650 IMG_5654 IMG_5656 IMG_5673 IMG_5681 IMG_5700 IMG_5705 IMG_5724 IMG_5744 IMG_5751

Sometime during lunch, Nithin, the groom also came over. And then, he also helped feed Shilpa, who obviously couldn’t eat herself because of fresh mehndi all over her hands!

IMG_5758 IMG_5761 IMG_5782 IMG_5786 IMG_5790 IMG_5801 IMG_5842 IMG_5852IMG_5848 IMG_5861 IMG_5870 IMG_5874 IMG_5894 IMG_5898 IMG_5951 IMG_5925 IMG_5927 IMG_5931 IMG_5938 IMG_5972 IMG_5983 IMG_5990 IMG_5998 IMG_5999 IMG_6019 IMG_6023 IMG_6026 IMG_6032 IMG_6033

Alright, so I hope these images did prove to you that the venue or the number of guests has nothing to do with the ability of a candid photographer to beautifully bring out the story from whatever time he or she spends with you! As long as you are happy, enjoying and having fun, you will end up with beautiful visual memories in the form of candid photographs such as these!


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