When James lost his diamonds

This is a fictional story. And pretty absurd. The photographs are 100% real though. All shot during a one day wedding in Goa, India (Jan 2017). I have written this story just to make my photographs more interesting. Helps you observe the pictures better! :) Amrit Vatsa

‘When did you realize the diamonds went missing’? asked the policeman.

‘Yesterday’, James answered.

‘What time was it’? the cop further enquired.

‘Somewhere around one thirty, two’, said James. ‘We started looking for the box everywhere but couldn’t find it. Someone stole it. You need to find the thief sir. These diamonds are worth millions’.



The news of this mega theft spread like wild fire. The entire city was soon obsessed with it. James was the richest person in the city after all. Did it really happen to him? All wondered. And talked about it day and night.


Those in James’ inner circle would also mention how earth moved below his feet when he realized his diamonds had gone missing.


Some said James had secrets not many knew about. And only if they somehow knew about them secrets, they could possibly guess who the thief was. What was certain was that one had to be an extraordinary thief to target James of all people. James was mysterious, rich and he had connections you see.

James’ life might have been shrouded in mysteries but there was no mystery whatsoever about Don Kartoos. DK they called him. A cold-blooded killer. Everyone knew that but no one could prove it. DK roamed free. The world was his.

Don Kartoos aka DK was a very dear friend of James. In fact DK loved James so much that he took it upon himself to find out who the diamond thief was. There were rumours though, that James had agreed to share a small portion of his diamonds with DK, if he were to find them.




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