Beautiful candid photographs from a Roka ceremony in Delhi

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About four months ago, I got a call from a guy called Herman. Over just one call, he finalized me. I was in Goa when he called. He was in Doha. The advance was transferred the next day and I blocked my date.

After few months, I was finally in Delhi to shoot his Roka ceremony. I reached Herman’s house in Fateh Nagar on a Sunday morning.┬áHe welcomed me to his room (which was rather sexy from inside), offered me coke and then went to get ready. Once he was ready, he looked like Honey Singh. Not in terms of face resemblance. But overall personality.

We were soon ready to leave for a nearby Gurdwara – Herman, myself, some of his close family members and friends. The plan was to do a pooja in Gurudwara and then leave for a restaurant in Rajaouri Garden where the formal Roka ceremony would take place.

Beautiful candid photographs from a Roka ceremony in Delhi

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I met Gargi (Herman’s finacee) for the first time in the Gurdwara. She looked stunning. She looked like the next model Fair & Lovley might be looking for, she was that good looking.

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By the way, a rather funny thing happened as I was clicking their pictures on the street outside the Gurdwara. A guy standing on one side of the street, called me – ‘bhaiya, jara idhar aana’. I went to him. He asked me – ‘Who are these guys? Some celebrity? Film stars?’ I felt like laughing on his face. ‘They are punjabi super-stars, don’t you know?’, I could have told him and he would have bought, but one doesn’t lie in such holy places. I just told him the truth and carried on. So I wasn’t the only person who thought Gargi was stunning enough to be a star and that Herman’s personality was like that of the new Punjabi Bhangra star Honey Singh. :) Anyway, there was one more star right there outside the Gurdwara. This dude below! Full dude only!

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From the Gurdwara to the restaurant where the Roka was, I was requested to drive a car. There was an extra car but no one knew how to drive, that’s why. I was cool. Sitting next to me was Preet – Herman’s best friend. ‘I am an airline pilot, can fly a plane. But abhi car pe haath nahi baitha hai’, he explained to me’.

We were soon at the Roka venue. A place called Wok in the Clouds. No it’s not walk. It’s wok only. God knows why! May be the owner didn’t like his English teacher when he was a kid. LOL! But it was a nice cosy and posh place irrespective of what its name was.

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Here in the restaurant, there were a lot of people. Almost all of them kept offering laddoos to the the couple. And kept plastering tilaks on their foreheads. And when they were not doing that, they were generally being happy. And beautiful. Sikh ceremonies never get boring. I am sure the pictures below will speak for themselves!

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As the ceremony was about to get over, Gargi’s brother got very emotional. The sister hugged her brother. And then she shed few tears herself. And so did their mother!

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Well, then, the ceremony was finally over. I bid good bye to Herman and Gargi. And the picture-story ends, aur kya! Hope you liked it! :) Dropping in a comment below will let me know you did! I hope to see this celebrity-like couple during their wedding, whenever they plan for it. They look awesome together and how knows, may be one day, they might actually star in a Punjabi movie!

May Vahe Guru ji di blessings be with all!

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