Sample pics by a local studio photographer in Goa

Some of you ask us the difference between candid photography that we do and the traditional studio photography that others do (and that is very inexpensive at around 10k per day in any Indian city – for digital pictures). Sharing with you few samples. We don’t like shooting in weddings where there is no traditional photographer around because in that case, someone or the other keeps asking us to shoot posed pictures, which we don’t want to shoot. Therefore, please do book a studio photographer either by yourself or through us to make sure your guests can ‘see’ a photographer at work. In candid, they will often not see us around.

For those getting married in Goa, if you want, we can book this same photographer as a traditional one for posed pictures for your wedding.

SAI_3197 SAI_3198SAI_3199 SAI_3202SAI_3203 SAI_3205SAI_3213 SAI_3214SAI_3216 SAI_3217SAI_3219 SAI_3221SAI_3223 SAI_3224SAI_3226 SAI_3227SAI_3229 SAI_3230SAI_3233 SAI_3235SAI_3237 SAI_3238SAI_3239 SAI_3240SAI_3241 SAI_3243SAI_3244 SAI_3245SAI_3246 SAI_3248SAI_3252 SAI_3253SAI_3255 SAI_3256SAI_3257 SAI_3258SAI_3259 SAI_3261SAI_3354 SAI_3358SAI_3418 SAI_3421SAI_4014 SAI_4015SAI_4050 SAI_4051 SAI_4091 SAI_4165SAI_4166 SAI_4222SAI_4225 SAI_4306SAI_4307 SAI_4308SAI_4416 SAI_4417

The author

I started in the spring of 2012 to experiment with wedding photography. Prior to that, I studied at IIT Madras (2003-08) and worked as a business consultant in PwC for four years. Since 2014, I have also been making documentary movies on a variety of subjects and issues ( Phone: +95525 89252 Email: To get quote for wedding photography / cinema, please provide city, date and approx duration of all the functions. I am location independent and shoot across India - without any additional charge for travel.