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ShaadiGraPher couple-shoot offer

Bhopal, 2017.

We can offer stand-alone couple-shoots (pre-wedding or post-wedding) in the following cities (by stand-alone we mean shoots not packaged with wedding-shoot):

Below are the details:

  • We don’t take stand-alone couple shoots in other cities (only when we also shoot weddings).
  • Fee – INR 20,000 (10,000 to be paid to block a date, balance 10,000 on shoot date) // does not include any album, only processed pictures in DVD; also we don’t take care of clothes / makeup etc.
  • Delivery timeline: 10 working days (i.e. excluding weekend) from the date of final payment (one DVD with pics will be shipped across India – if you are leaving the country, we will dropbox)
  • Typical shoot time required – one stretch of 2 to 4 hours either during morning or evening.
  • Typical numbers to expect: there is no limit as such but generally 50 is a good number. Once in a while, you will get less and once in a while more.

To book – share the date and city with me ( or 95525 89252) and I will share the account details. The date will be blocked on receipt of advance and I will connect you directly to Ankit, Aditi or KB, depending upon who would be shooting so that you can coordinate the exact time and place to meet during the shoot date. Meeting before the shoot date is generally difficult to arrange.

Our style

Different photographers have different ways of doing a couple-shoot. You should go with ShaadiGraPher if you don’t like to pose much and don’t want to do elaborate plannings. We try to keep things real and focus on the genuine chemistry instead of trying to make you fit into the typical template of a what an ideal photograph of a couple should look like. Of course as a couple you might have certain ‘poses’ that you want to try, and we wouldn’t say no to that. But for most of the time, we would just give you enough space to enjoy each others presence and when we see a moment worth capturing, we would do that.

To read more about our style, you can check out my blog from a couple shoot I did in Goa.


Link to city-wise couple-shoot by ShaadiGraPher

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