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Best Wedding Photographer Pune – What is married life all about?

[Post by Amrit titled Best Wedding Photographer Pune – What is married life all about?]

Well, let me answer this question through some of my pictures. I shot them last month in Pune for the gorgeous couple Nishant & Aditi. I had covered their wedding earlier. It had taken place near Nainital in November last year. My last wedding shoot before my own wedding.

The earlier plan had been to do this couple shoot in Nainital itself. But it was soon realized that it wouldn’t be possible. Customs demanded that the guy and the girl were not see each other before the wedding. So, well, they got married without any pre-wedding shoot.. And then we decided to do a post-wedding shoot instead.

So, what is married life all about?

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By the way happy Valentine’s day to all you couples (married or not :P)! Also, just in case some of you would like to browse through Aditi & Nishant’s select wedding pictures, they are on Facebook.

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I am sure some of you will wonder why this keyword – ‘best wedding photographer Pune’ has been forced in the post-title. Yes, forced it indeed is. I wish I could write normal post titles. But when your livelihood depends upon Google being able to throw your website’s name (when people search for a keyword), you need to make all your posts very Google friendly. That’s all I am trying to do here you see. It is important for me to be able to reach out to folks interested in this this kind of artwork. So please bear with this approach. I just hope that the awesomeness of the photographs is enough to divert your attention from these optimization formalities. Which is something that freelance photographers like me have to deal with.