Iski Shaadi, uski Shaadi, meri Shaadi

[Post by Amrit]
  • 6-8 July: Mumbai wedding – bothshooting
  • 20-22 July: Chennai wedding – both shooting
  • 25-26 July: Bangalore wedding – both shooting
  • 21-22 Sep: Amritsar wedding – Amrit shooting
  • 5-7 Oct: Srinagar wedding – Amrit shooting
  • 27 Oct: Hyd wedding – Neelabh shooting
  • 18-20 Nov: Hyd wedding – Both shooting
  • 23-24 Nov: Nainital wedding – Amrit shooting
  • 24 Nov: Delhi wedding – Neelabh shooting
  • 28 Nov – 02 Dec: my wedding :) – Neelabh shooting
  • 10 Dec: Mumbai wedding – Neelabh shooting
  • 12-14 Dec: Bhopal wedding – Amrit shooting
  • 4-5 Jan: Mumbai wedding – Amrit shooting

Phew! I just hope I get to sit down and plan my own marriage properly. But then, time hai abhi! :) All that Neelabh and I are waiting for right now is the next upcoming shoot this Friday to Sunday. Pretty girl, I have met her few times and she is as excited about her wedding pics as we are. We already know she is going to love what she sees. There is a cocktail party on Friday evening and the challenge for Neelabh and I is to shoot in ‘designed’ low light condition. Also planning to do a free video over these three days and see how it comes out to be. Ankit has volunteered to shoot something along with us (and we have decided to turn on the video shooting on our 5D MIIs and pass on the clips to Ankit). Meeting someone this Saturday who will get married during Christmas this year. And she is very keen for a 30 min video. Just that when I tried collecting samples of decent wedding videos from few people here in Mumbai, I was so totally disappointed. The quality sucks. The one whose job I liked quoted 1 lakh for a 30 min video. I’d rather do this myself then.

So folks, hold on till coming Monday and let’s see what Ankit can create out of the clips we share with him (and the ones he shoots himself). Looking forward to an amazing weekend wedding shoot.


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