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About two weeks ago, Herman booked me for a Roka shoot in Delhi. The shoot was scheduled for a Sunday. When in Delhi, I stay with Ankit. His Mondays are off. So I decided to extend my stay and spend time with Ankit on Monday and shoot some of the new (and some old) products to be used for his online gift-portal

A model-look-out notice on FaceBook helped us find two male and two female models (one guy would later ditched us).

The photo-shoot finally took place last Monday. We had allotted about six hours for the purpose. The start itself got delayed as we could not find the bar to hang the white backdrop. After some time, a make shift rod was procured from a hardware shop and while trying to setup the backdrop, one of the light stands fell down breaking a speedlight in two pieces. We just went ahead and carried the entire shoot with just two speedlights – one through a softbox and other bare.

Ankit’s fiancée Smriti was with us throughout and she not only helped the girls get ready, but also posed with various products herself. Everyone was dead tired by the end of six hours, but we were happy to have some nice original pictures which Ankit can now use on Hope you like some of the samples here.

  • Models: Tarun, Deepshikha, Archana, Smriti
  • Makeup: <to be added>
  • Photographer / Lights: Amrit Vatsa
  • Pose-ideas: Ankit Vatsa
  • Location : Delhi
  • Client:

Top photographers product shoot Delhi

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