Wedding Cinematographers in Delhi

Wedding Cinematographers in Delhi

Above is the trailer of a wedding that we shot in Delhi earlier in Feb 2014. You will love the way we have mixed pre-wedding shots with wedding / sangeet footage to bring out the love story of Ankit & Smriti! And there is a surprise ‘desi’ song towards the end which you don’t want to miss!

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wedding cinematographers in delhi

Wedding Cinematographers in Delhi

Generally, one of us shoots a cinematic movie like above using a DSLR, couple of lenses and various camera supporting equipments (from mono-pods to tripods to sliders to glidecams). Although cinematography plays a key role in making these movies stand out, a movie will not be able to create enough impact unless it has a nice narrative to it. And each wedding could lead to a totally different narrative. When we are booked to create such cinematic movies from weddings, we always first listen the the couple’s story (either love or arranged, everyone has a story to share). Based on that we decide what part of the story should we bring out. And we keep that in mind throughout, when we shoot.

The song that you see in the end was an unsuccessful attempt to create what is called a Marryoke. Basically, a song is chosen and the couple and their family members are made to sing various lines from that one song throughout the wedding, and in the end, all such visuals are edited to create a seamless song. For various reasons, we could not get too many people to lip sync for the song that we had chosen. So what you see in the trailer above is whatever we could pull off!

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