Wedding Cinematographers Hyderabad – Nish+Vamsee

Wedding Cinematographers Hyderabad

Cinematography by Ankit. Couple-shoot pictures by Neelabh. Movie-edit and text for this blog by Amrit (for the post titled – Wedding Cinematographers Hyderabad – Nish+Vamsee)

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Nish and Vamsee met in a fast food outlet in Australia. They both worked there part-time during their college years. Gradually, they started seeing each other. In spite of the cultural differences ( Nish being a Himachali and Vamsee being a Telugu), their love prevailed. There was a period during their love affair when one had to live in Sydney and the other in Melbourne. But they overcame the challenges of their one year long distance relationship. Eventually their families supported them all the way to their wedding.

Nish & Vamsee wanted to hire the best wedding cinematographers Hyderabad offered. After their online research, they booked ShaadiGraPher. To make a beautiful cinematic movie from their wedding. I (Amrit) had already had Skype chats with both of them while they were still in Australia. So I knew about their story and the kind of questions that we wanted them to answer for the interviews. I wasn’t available to shoot myself on their wedding date. So we had Ankit as the cinematographer. Ankit was the first person in the team ShaadiGraPher to actually do full fledged cinematography in a wedding.

The single day wedding was held in the beautiful Golconda fort resort. Ankit had as much fun shooting as the couple and their families had in going through the mix of inter cultural rituals! Though to be fair, it was a pretty hectic day for him. He had to start off early morning (as a lot of Telugu weddings are) and his work ended only late in the night. But he did a fab job. He brought to me loads of awesome cinematic footage. It then took me around 2 weeks to create the full 40 minute movie! If you liked the above trailer, you can view the full movie here.

Both Nish and Vamsee loved our work. They returned to Australia after their wedding. But when they planned a visit back to India after few months, they wanted us to do a post-wedding couple shoot for them in the same venue. They even put on the same dress! Yes, they loved our work so much! Neelabh took up the challenge and sharing below some of the amazing pictures he created for one of our favourite couples!

Wedding Cinematographers Hyderabad

Wedding Cinematographers Hyderabad IMG_7508 IMG_7653IMG_7530 IMG_7691 IMG_7849 Wedding Cinematographers Hyderabad Wedding Cinematographers Hyderabad

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