Candid wedding photographer Nagpur – Harshay+Shubhangi

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Candid wedding photographer Nagpur

Very recently, Harshay finished his MS from a university in US. He booked me for his monsoon wedding in his home town Nagpur, while he was still in US. The deal was finalized over phone and emails and one fine evening I landed in Nagpur. There were quite a few cameramen and folks with garlands as I was coming out of the airport. I wonder why. Till I saw Hema Malini coming out as well. Ah, so that’s why.

Anyhow, so Harshay’s eldest brother came to pick me up. I was to stay at their house itself. ‘We are pretty middle-class’, his brother explained. ‘So the wedding is going to be a simple non-elaborate wedding’,he continued. We soon reached their house where I was introduced to the other family members. I was given a room and all of us slept soon. The baraat was to comprise of a very small group of core family members (and myself). We got up early morning and got ready to leave.

Candid wedding photographer Nagpur – Harshay+Shubhangi

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We first went to a Hanuman temple, where a coconut was cracked.

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And then it was turn for Harshay to ride the most agitated ghodi I have ever seen. You can see that for yourself. May be the ghodi wanted to dance as well, like everyone else! :) So the band-baaja played, the ghodi danced with everyone else and we soon reached the wedding venue.

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Shubhangi soon arrived and the couple garlanded each other amidst joy and cheer!

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There was quite some time before the pheras could begin. Until then, guests kept wishing the couple and people did what they generally do in weddings.

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Pandjitjee was getting mighty bored after a while and some kids even dozed off. And then the pheras began!

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Shubhangi’s siblings and cousins had so far been unsuccessful in stealing Harshay’s jooti. It had been guarded rather well by Harshay’s cousins.

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But only till Shubhangi’s gang literally attacked Harshay and took away at least one jooti by force. So what if this left some blood-stained fingers and a broken watch! One jooti was enough for victory! :)

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And then, finally it was time for vidaai. And some sadness that is typical to vidaais. The sadness of letting go off your child who grew up so quickly that you didn’t even realize it was time for her to leave your house. And to setup her own family now!

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We the baraatis then returned. With Shubhangi. A girl yesterday. Harshay’s wife today. So much changes in these few hours. No wonder, weddings are so special. No wonder, these moments are so precious. At Harshay’s house, a flower-path had been created for the newly married couple to walk on. And thus began the new life of Harshay & Shubhangi. A life of togetherness. And happiness.

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They spent their first morning as a married couple with me in few scenic locations of Nagpur. Both of them were still very shy but I managed to get them into the mood for some fun and romance. And we went back home with some awesome romantic pictures! There of course was a reception in the evening, which I also covered – but I would end this post here, because this picture story has already become so long!

Keep getting married guys and make sure you preserve these memories the best possible way! Wish you best! And hope you liked this picture-story.

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