Mumbai, 2017.

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A true photographer wants to try to capture the real essence of a human being. Philippe Halsman

What can I say for the wedding pictures, we laughed and cried with happiness and you captured it all. Amprapali, Kota, 2016.

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I bought my first digi-cam in my 2nd year at IIT.

Though I was trained to be a top notch engineer, what I do now is tell stories. :) Weddings are all about stories – the romantic and emotional ones; the funny and chaotic ones! And it’s important that they be captured in the most aesthetic and honest way. It’s important that wedding photographs be more than just good looking images! And therefore I do what I do (along with few other talented folks from across India who freelance for me). That first camera in IIT came for four thousand bucks (all my savings from the first three semesters). It was pretty shitty. But then, it was the start of a journey that has come a long way since.

It’s important that wedding photographs be more than just good looking images!

My brand ShaadiGrapher (has been listed in the top 15 destination wedding photographers in India by Canvera.

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I finally bought my first decent camera in 2008 when I started working as a business consultant in PwC. To cut a long story short, I took a year long sabbatical from consulting in 2012 to try wedding photography and was lucky enough to never need to return to the corporate world.

Hyderabad, 2016.
New Delhi, 2017.


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Not all candid photographs tell a story!

Because it’s 2017, I assume you already know what candid photography is (in case you don’t, you can read a short description right here). So what I will try to do is, show you how some candid photographs tell stories and others just look good.

Candid photography is the art of taking pictures of (mostly) people when they are busy doing their thing, not bothered with the camera. Now not all good-looking pictures need to be candid. And definitely not all candid pictures are going to good-looking (unless clicked by a skilled artist like myself or some of the other ShaadiGraphers). It is kind of easy to take a good candid picture of a face or a person. But it’s pretty difficult to capture a good candid picture of a group of people interacting with each other (when they are not posing). A great wide angle candid photograph is one of the only ways to cherish true memories of what happened in a wedding. It tells a story. And that’s why it matters.

Jaipur, 2015.
Mumbai, 2017.

Many “candid photographers” just focus on faces or individuals, blurring out the background.

A lot of people attend weddings, all decked up, trying to look their best. Therefore, with the right camera and lens, one can easily click hundreds and thousands of ‘candid’ photographs of different people. In fact, I did that a lot when I started in 2012. The pictures looked great! Moments were candid. And I was happy. But after may be ten or twenty or thirty weddings, something was obvious. These photographs were telling very little about what a wedding is really about! Are weddings about individuals or are they about how these individuals interact with each other? I believe it’s the latter. And the only reason so many ‘candid’ photographers offer very little of such interactions, such stories is because it is not as easy as capturing a candid shot of a single person! :)

It takes hard work and skill to go beyond good looking ‘candid’ pictures and capture ‘candid stories’!

Goa, 2017.

A wedding picture tells a story when it captures ‘interactions’!

A laughing face tells you that a person is enjoying. A teary eye tells you that a person is crying. But weddings are not about any one person; not even about just the couple. Weddings are about a lot of people coming together to witness something special. And when people come together, they interact. And that’s why they laugh. Or cry. And that’s why interactions tell stories – that I try to capture in my pictures!

Hyderabad, 2015.
Mumbai, 2015.

Hyderabad, 2017.

Panchkula, 2015.

Often, I have to try clicking ten times to finally get just one good wide angle candid picture that is the right combination of aesthetics and moment; where every person in the frame fits in just right. At the end of the day, the effort is every bit worth it because I know I was able to create meaningful images (and not just good-looking ones) and you have your special memories preserved forever via real candid moments that also look great.

Nagpur, 2014.
Bhopal, 2017.
Chennai, 2014.

I hope you relate to the pictures so far. And also to my approach towards candid photography. By the way, looking at the mixed collection of photographs on this page is fine but only when you look at pictures from a single wedding, you can truly appreciate how stories unfold through my photographs.

I also make wedding-films. Like the one above.

Watch more movie examples here.

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Candid Photography

Fee for Amrit (or any one ShaadiGrapher) to do candid photography for:

  • one full day (8 to 10 hrs) is INR 60,000/-
  • one full day + another consecutive half day (4-5 hrs) is INR 80,000/-
  • two full days is INR 1,00,000/-

There is no separate travel cost involved, irrespective of the city where event is. Accommodation might be required in cities other than Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad, Delhi and Ahmedabad.

What you get are high resolution soft-copies. Each submitted photograph will be of the same high standard as this website sets. We don’t dump thousands and thousands of RAW unedited files and expect you to choose the best ones. From a day, you can expect anywhere between 300 to 400 and from a half day something around 200. You can order photo-books after receiving the soft-copies and pay for the books later (price varies from 15k to 20k per book – view details).

Photo-book details

We provide two options. And you can order as many Photo-books as you require.

  • Option 1 – 25 spreads (i.e. 50 pages) thick – this can have about 100 to 120 photographs; comes for INR 15,000
  • Option 2 – 50 spreads (100 pages) thick – this can have about 200 to 250 photographs; comes for INR 20,000

Both the above options are from Canvera – one of the leading photo-book publishers in India. They are of premium quality and 11X16 inch in size, with lay-flat binding. The cover is of a textured material, over which embossed text can be printed (like “A weds B”).

candid wedding photographers India

top candid wedding photographers

This is how the textured cover looks like – we go with the red colour.

top candid wedding photographers in india

This is how a lay-flat binding looks like when the Book is open.

We do a very clean, non-flashy layout – like this. Please do make sure that you are okay with our style, before you order a Photo-book.

Once you have shared with us the file names of the photographs shortlisted for printing, (and made payment for the Book), we will do the layout and share it with you. Next, when the layout is finalized, we will get the Book printed by Canvera. Then, they directly ship the book (free of cost) to any Indian address that you provide (in about a week’s time).

Wedding Movie

Fee for Amrit (or any one ShaadiGrapher) to shoot and edit a wedding movie from:

  • one full day (8 to 10 hrs) is INR 90,000/-
  • one full day + another consecutive half day (4-5 hrs) is INR 1,30,000/-
  • two consecutive full days is INR 1,60,000/-

From a day, you can expect a ~15 to 20 minute movie. From two full days you can expect ~20 to 30 minutes movie. Also, you can always order an additional short 3 to 4 min trailer for INR 25,000/-

Candid Photography + Wedding Movie

Fee would be sum total of individual fee for both the services.

candid wedding photography

If different functions are going to be in different cities, you can mention that in the comment-box at the end of this form. Thanks.
If you require different set of services on different days, then please explain so in the comment-box at the end of this form! Thanks.

wedding photographers india

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Candid wedding photographers India

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I am going to write an unnecessary paragraph here with the sole objective of using the phrase ‘candid wedding photographers India’ as many times as I feel like. The idea is to make it easier for people to find my work when they do a Google Search (for candid wedding photographers India) :D I am sorry about that. :) Candid wedding photographers India have to do this all the time. Moreover, candid wedding photographers India are artists who love their job. Also, they love to talk about their job.

This is Candid wedding photographers India


  1. Hello Sir/Madam,
    I am Subir Majumdar from chittaranjan, west bengal.
    I have 5 year photography experience and last 1 year wedding photography experience, u can see my photography or
    I have just nikon d5100 camera body,nikkor 50mm f1.8 lens and sigma 17-50 f2.8 lens.
    Looking for assistant photographer or any other photography job…
    Thanks you,
    Subir Majumdar
    09679030377(whats app)

  2. Details: Hello myself Namrata Saungar from Rasta peth ,Pune.I am looking for a photography and video shoot/cinematography of my wedding.
    It is held on 14th Dec 2015 at Alpa Bachat Bhavan,off Bund Garden Road, Pune.
    I need to cover photography and shooting on 13th Dec and 14th Dec.15
    Total approx 15hrs of photoraphy & shooting will be required.If your firm is available on mentioned date then please revert me as earliest as possible so that we can discuss further regarding program schedule and cost.It would be great if you send a quotation on my mail id. Thank you.

    Location: Alpa Bachat Bhavan,Bund Garden Road, Pune

  3. Hlo Sir. ..I love your wedding photography. …and you have given me so much inspiration. ..thank you so much. …

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