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Top wedding photographers Hyderabad – V+P (2017)

Varun (V) is a super junior from IIT Madras. He really loved the pictures that I had made in Anitha’s wedding. Anitha was his batchmate. And so he decided to have me around for his wedding too. Like Anitha, his wedding was in Hyderabad as well. He was getting married to the love of his life – Prathyusha (P). ‘Top wedding photographers Hyderabad’ is a keyword that I am using only for the purpose of SEO. Kindly don’t mind. It was a beautiful wedding and I will let the pictures do the talking. And throw in the SEO keyword a couple of more times.

"You don't make your presence felt and for a 'camera-conscious' person like me, that is such a relief! I still remember the words you told me at the start - 'you don't have to pose to my camera like you do for the others'. That's it , I stayed that way and the result of it is the amazing wedding album I can have for the rest of my life." Prathyusha, Hyderabad. 2017.

You can read Prathyusha’s full review here (on Facebook)

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Top wedding photographers Hyderabad

It was an evening wedding that went on for about eight hours. Although I have shared only about twenty pictures here in this picture story, I was able to create over four hundred final images (from almost 3,000 camera clicks) for Varun & Prathyusha.

Even though I shoot weddings regularly across India, for some reason or another, I keep getting assignments in Hyderabad. It might have something to do with the fact that IIT Madras has always had a lot of students from the city! :) I do think Hyderabad in general, takes its weddings very seriously! And that’s a good thing by all means! :) If you liked the pictures here, and want to see more Telugu wedding pictures, you may can check out this another wedding that I shot in 2016.

If you are getting married in a different style (or a different kind of venue – say outdoors), I encourage you to choose your specific wedding type here, and go through pictures from similar weddings that I (and other ShaadiGraphers have shot). That will give you a better sense of how your specific wedding pictures are most likely going to look like.

Thank you for your time! I hope you didn’t mind the forceful usage of the keyword ‘Top wedding photographers Hyderabad’! You can leave your feedback in the comment and send some love my way! Be happy, be blessed and if you are still single, do get married one day! :)

top wedding photographers hyderabad

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