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Candid photographers Hyderabad – S+N (2016)

My name is Amrit. I am a wedding photographer (and a documentary filmmaker). In Nov this year (2016), I travelled to Hyderabad to shoot a wedding. This is a picture story from that wedding. ‘Candid photographers Hyderabad’ is a phrase used purely for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization (a necessary evil, if I want the Googling world out there to stumble upon my work).

Candid photographers Hyderabad

Below are some of my favourite images from this wedding.


Chiran Fort, Hyderabad.


The bride (in yellow) leaves for a temple as a soldier looks along. The venue by the way, is Chiran Fort.

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Let’s call the groom N. His sister, A, was my junior at IIT. I had shot her engagement few months ago. N, A and the entire family loved those pictures. So much so that N and S (his wife now) ended up hiring me for their own wedding too! And now I guess the whole family is happy all over again. :D

Though I hadn’t planned it, for some reason I ended up shooting the entire ~6 hrs wedding with just one prime lens (35mm). How awesome is that!

I hope you enjoyed this picture story. If you relate to this style of photography and want to get me (or a ShaadiGrapher) to create such images from your wedding, you can write to me at (or call up on +91 95525 89252). I will need to know the dates, city and approximate start+end time of all functions to be able to arrive at a fee. The pricing formula is pretty transparent though! By the way, we also make documentary movies from weddings.

PS: Before I end, let me throw the keyword once again – there you go Google – candid photographers Hyderabad

PS2: I also made a Vlog (somewhat boring though) when I went to shoot this wedding.

Amrit's work only, Telugu, wedding shoot

Candid photographs from a beautiful Telugu+North Indian wedding

Candid wedding photographers India – Chhavi & Krishna’s wedding story

They graduated from USC, Los Angeles. They fell in love. Chhavi – a north Indian from Bhopal. Krishna, a South Indian from Hyderabad. Both of them joined Qualcomm, albeit in different cities, he in San Diego and she in Bay Area. After a while of long distance relationship, they decided to tie the knot.

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This one was a mixed culture wedding. You can view pictures story from a traditional Telugu wedding in Hyderabad here.

Chhavi came with her siblings to pick me up from the Bhopal airport. It was early morning and we wanted to do some pre-wedding shoot. The wedding was the same evening and reception the next day. We picked Krishna from his hotel (where I was also given a room of my own), and left for another hotel – Nur-us-Subeh where the evening wedding was planned. Nur-us-Subeh apparently had large open spaces with some spectacular views – ideal for a couple shoot. On our way, we spotted a lakeside place and thought of taking some quick shots there, before proceeding further. But guess what, we ended up shooting everything there itself! A – because there was enough to explore in that area. And B – because we only had one hour with us (ideally I need 2 to 3 hrs for a couple-shoot). Krishna and myself had to return to our hotel for his Kashi Yatra. So we did the best we could in the span of time we had.

Candid photographs from a beautiful Telugu+North Indian wedding


best candid wedding photographers india

A colourful Bhopal. A couple in love. Worked well. Krishna and I rushed back to our hotel where his Kashi Yatra would commence.


Because I have shot many Telugu weddings (and even few tamil weddings), I pretty much know what Kashi Yatra is – but for Chhavi’s family it was a pleasant first-timer (Krishna is the first south Indian to become part of their family).

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By the way, a little story about the outdoor kashi-yatra shots: As Krishna started walking out of the hotel with his umbrella (this is what a groom is supposed to do during kashi-yatra, for those who are wondering why he did so), all of us followed him. Now I had been moving around in the indoor hall bare feet. I did not have time to put on shoes when we came outside. And only once I was out, I realized that it was impossible to stand there with bare feet (other than on little portions that had shade). The floor under direct sun was killing hot. I nearly burnt my sole trying to be there shooting. I would come back in the shade, give my sole a li’l rest and then step out to click some more! All sorts of things happen when you are shooting weddings, I tell you! :)

Anyway, so most of us pretty much crashed in the hotel once the Kashi yatra got over. When I woke up, I went straight to the parlour where Chhavi was getting ready. She had gone for a ‘south-Indian’ look. ‘I am not doing this because Krishna’s parents want me to look like that. I just think they will like it more this way’, I overheard her explaining the choice to someone. :)


Once she was all ready, we left together to the wedding venue where the baraat had already started to arrive. And then that night, Chhavi and Krishna got married. Mostly in the traditional Telugu style.


candid wedding photographers nagpur


The next morning, Krishna, his family and myself went to Chhavi’s house for Vidaai. It started with generous serving of MP’s delicacies and ended with everyone getting emotional as they let Chhavi become part of another family.

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A reception was scheduled the same evening in a place called Vrindavan Garden. The highlight of the reception was the couple standing atop a rotating disc as they put garlands over each other and pink bubbles kept flying all around them.


So well, a beautiful two day wedding shoot came to an end and I left Bhopal the next morning. But guess what, Chhavi and Krishna ended up taking the same flight as me to Mumbai (from where they planned to travel to Hyd and myself to Goa where I have moved to). As we were leaving the aircraft, I said to myself – why not here? And in a second my camera appeared in my hands and there I went – click, click, click! :)


I wish this sweet couple eternity of happiness. And hope you enjoyed the picture-story!

Update: I returned to Bhopal after few years to shoot the wedding of Chhavi’s younger sister Ankita.

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Candid wedding photographers Hyderabad: story of the Telugu Bengali wedding

[Post by Neelabh – one of the best Candid wedding photographers Hyderabad has]

You can check out more photos from this wedding on Facebook.

Note: This story is from 2013. Our photography style has evolved since then. To get a better idea of how our pictures look presently, we recommend you check out this beautiful Telugu wedding story from Nov, 2016.

“I am getting married in Hyderabad on 26th Dec. I loved your snaps. I checked your calendar but was not sure if 26th Dec is grayed out as unavailable or not. Please can you let me know about your availability? I am looking for candid photography as well as cinematic videography”, Maitreyi wrote to few months before her wedding. This one email turned into a chain of 75 emails. The longest communication we ever had with any of our clients-turned-friends.

She was in UK. He was in Singapore. She was a Bengali. He was a Telugu. Both were in love. It had not been easy for them to convince their respective parents to let them get married. But the parents did oblige. And both families, in spite of the cultural differences took to each other very well.

I met Maitreyi and Suresh for the first time in Courtyard Marriott in Hyderabad, a day before their wedding. Maitreyi showed us the venue and we did some pre-wedding in the hotel itself and some near the Hussain Sagar lake. They told me that their wedding would have rituals from both the cultures. This was the first time we were covering any Bengali wedding (well at least half-Bengali wedding :) ) and we were quite enthusiastic about it.

Here are few sample photographs from their wedding.

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