Destination wedding photographers Hyderabad

Destination wedding photographers Hyderabad – picture story by Amrit

I landed in Hyderabad one afternoon and headed for Alankrita resort – where I would be put up for the next two days. Anitha – one of my IIT juniors (we didn’t really know each other back in IIT though) was getting married. I was her candid wedding photographer. She was busy coordinating the venue decoration when I reached the resort.

Destination wedding photographers Hyderabad part A

The groom and his family arrive


Above: Anitha coordinates the venue decoration.

Anitha quickly introduced me to all her friends, many from IIT. Some knew who I was.

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This wedding was a union of North and South; Anitha was a Telugu while Nikhil – the groom, a Punjabi. They worked together in the same company (still do) and grew from being just colleagues to good friends to lovers eventually.

Nikhil’s family started arriving shortly. Almost all of them had travelled from Delhi. They were clearly in awe of Anitha. And Anitha was as excited as a to-be bride can be! :)

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Above: Nikhil and Anitha hug each other as soon as Nikhil arrives.

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Above: Anitha, her dad and her brother started talking to each other in sign language at one point of time. Just kidding! :D


Anyway, so everyone soon got keys to their respective rooms and checked in. I went back to my room and slept for a while. Ring exchange and Sangeet were scheduled for the evening. And some partying of course.

Destination wedding photographers Hyderabad part B

Dance time

In the evening, I went to Anitha’s cottage to see how she was doing. She was doing pretty good.

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We headed for the open stage soon. Things happened as planned. Anitha had to do some super strong convincing to get her mom to dance on the stage, but she eventually succeeded.

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The dude above is Nishant – Nikhil’s younger brother. He left his corporate job to become a wedding photographer too (like me) and other than that, he has also been doing stand up comedy. He did a funny piece during Sangeet and had everyone in splits.

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Everyone got pretty emotional after Anitha’s parents did their thing on the stage. But these were “khushi ke aansoon” as they say. And soon everyone was dancing their hearts out!

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Destination wedding photographers Hyderabad part C

Haldi and happiness

Everyone got up pretty late the next day. When they did, haldi started. And more happiness and fun followed. As expected! :)

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And then everyone went to their rooms, changed dress and came back to kick-start the wedding proceedings.

Destination wedding photographers Hyderabad part D

The wedding

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I went to see Anitha in her room. She was going through the usual drills a bride goes through before the start of her wedding. Hard work of course!

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The ghodi was all set by now. Nikhil happily jumped on and the baraatis did their thing.

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Anitha was finally ready. She looked beautiful! And happy! And then the wedding took off the way weddings usually take off.

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This wedding was definitely more about fun than about too many rituals. A bit of Telugu traditions was thrown in though, and Punjabis loved every bit of it.

C5D31390 C5D31437 C5D31461destination wedding photographers hyderabad 2

Anitha and Nikhil had written their own wedding vows, which they finally said to each other, after the traditional rituals were over (as seen in the picture above). What they had written and spoke was truly heartfelt. Their love overpowered the entire atmosphere.

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And thus ends the story. Like this style of no-nonsense photography? That’s how I (and other ShaadiGraphers) shoot – capturing hardcore real candid pictures that go much beyond tight-closeup of a bride’s face or over the top romantic photographs with crazy colour processing. Please do excuse the excessive usage of the keyword “destination wedding photographers Hyderabad” – it is just for the purpose of optimizing the post for Google searches. :) Have a good day and may you find the love of your life (if not already)!


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