Candid photographers Kota – Adit+Amrapali wedding story

Candid photographers Kota – part A (Sangeet)


That’s me (Amrit) – the guy with bald head in the mirror taking pictures of Adit has he gets ready for his Sangeet. I am not bald by the way; had just gotten my head shaved few weeks ago. Anyway, this story is not about me or my bald head. It’s about Adit. And Amrapali – the girl Adit would get married the next day.


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Once Adit was ready, we returned to his house. Which is also a hospital by the way (his dad is a surgeon). We soon left for the Sangeet venue.

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Before I move on with the story, see the guy on the left of the above photograph and the girl in the centre? They are Anshuman and Shanoo – one of my best friends from IIT. Shanoo is also Adit’s elder sister. Yeah, that’s how I got to shoot this wedding. How cool it is, when your best friends book you for a family wedding! :)


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Amrapali finally arrived and she looked stunning.

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The pooja and the gifting ritual was soon done with and finally it was time for masti, dhamaka and dancing.

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We did an after party after the Sangeet, where I drank more than I clicked pictures. And then I woke up next day to see Adit getting his haldi done. I was surprisingly energetic. :)


Candid photographers Kota – part B (Haldi)

Did I tell you Adit loves to sketch? I remember Shanoo (his sister, my friend from IIT, remember?) telling me about Adit’s sketching talent, back in college. I also think I had already seen a a copy of the the below sketch somewhere (most likely online). Anyway, so I finally got to see the real deal – as I waited for haldi to start. :) The couple in the sketch are Adit’s parents (like obviously).



Once haldi began, Adit’s aunts had a major fun time, ruining his face (and other body parts). Others mostly enjoyed the show from sidelines. As you will see below.

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That’s Aadya by the way, the cute little daughter of Shanoo and Anshuman. Isn’t she mind boggingly adorable?


Candid photographers Kota – part C (Wedding)

Evening approached and it was time for Adit to get married. But only after the complex problem of getting his wedding dress right, was solved. Many talented individuals had to work towards it. Eventually, the task was successfully achieved!

candid wedding photograhpers kota 1  C5D33430 C5D33486 C5D33508 wedding photographers kota candid photographers kota C5D33517 C5D33546 C5D33642 C5D33796 C5D33882

Alok Hospital shined brilliantly as the baraat left for the wedding venue, after a quick stopover at a temple for blessings.


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The beautiful Amrapali soon arrived to kickstart the wedding.

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Nothing like a happy vidaai, isn’t it? Anyway, so yeah thus ends the story! See how beautiful candid photography is (and I am talking about photography that is beyond capturing only close-ups of smiling faces – or unrealistic romance between a couple, that is so much in vogue these days – inspired by Yash Chopra may be)? ShaadiGrapher is all about hard-core real candid pictures (which still manage to look beautiful). You can read about our charges and other details here –

PS: the excessive and unnecessary usage of the keyword ” Candid photographers Kota ” is entirely for the purpose of keyword optimization for Google so that more people keep getting to see my work and if they like it, they can probably invite me to witness their wedding. I hope you will excuse me for that! :)

PPS: A few months ago, I had also shot a stop-motion style pre-wedding song for Adit and Amrapali – some of you might like that as well.


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