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Top wedding photographers Delhi – ShaadiGrapher, share a beautiful picture story from 2017. These pictures tell you what true & honest candid photography is! ‘Top wedding photographers Delhi’ is a keyword being used for SEO; kindly don’t mind! :)

Top wedding photographers Delhi part 1 – Mehndi


Feels weird to start the picture story by using a ‘posed’ photograph when I and my entire ShaadiGrapher brand actually stands for candid pictures! :) But technically speaking, the one above is a ‘candid’ picture of a group ‘posing’ for another photographer! :P Anyway, I think the above picture would probably help you appreciate the below candid pictures more. You can click on any picture below, to view the full set in a full-screen slideshow!

Mehndi was a small ceremony where the focus was more on a game of dumb-charade. The two teams were ‘male’ vs. ‘female’ and I have absolutely forgotten who won! What I do remember is that the team that lost, accused the other team of cheating! :P

The guests dispersed post lunch and soon returned, all dressed up and ready for the evening Sangeet.

Top wedding photographers Delhi part 2 – Sangeet


Now we all know Sangeet is when everyone dances. But as I would observe over the two days that I spent attending this wedding, Ashish’s family didn’t really need Sangeet to dance! :) They danced in every single function. They definitely stand out as one of the most high energy families that I have ever seen! And I mean it in a good way!

The choreographed dance was followed by the DJ dance floor and nobody wanted to stop. I took their leave by around mid-night. There was Haldi to shoot by around ten in the morning, and I wanted to have a good night’s sleep.

Top wedding photographers Delhi part 3 – Haldi


‘You are sleepy’, I told Ashish. ‘Yes, could sleep by only four or five in the morning’, he explained! Obviously! :D

Like Mehndi, Haldi was a short and sweet event too. As you can see in one of the pictures above, Ashish ended up losing his Kurta. Tearing your clothes in Haldi is your friend’s and family’s way of letting you know how much they love you! Ashish is a lucky guy! :P

We all took a break for couple of hours and then gathered again in the evening, to leave for Taj where the wedding was scheduled. So far, everything had been in Lalit, Delhi.

Top wedding photographers Delhi part 4 – the wedding

Now was the ‘band baaja baraat’ time! In typical Delhi style. But with the extra energy that this family possesses! )

We spent few hours inside a banquet hall in Taj, where for most part, the couple spent time meeting with guests and getting their pictures clicked. As time ticked by, some guests started falling asleep too! :D


I want to use the below picture to point out the issues with having too many cameramen for your wedding.

When there are too many professionals with a camera, every photographer / videographer keeps coming in the way of every other photographer / videographer. And it annoys everyone – even the guests who are trying to see what’s happening but cannot (all they see is bums of the photographers). At the end of the day, everyone ends up getting less ideal photographs. What is the right number you ask? Anything more than four is a bad idea!

Anyway, it was somewhere between one or two in the morning when the pheras started. We moved outdoors for that. Although Delhi had been hot during the day, the early morning was pleasant enough.


It was past 5 AM in the morning, by the time the wedding concluded. I was dead tired. But I was happy too. The two days had been fun. And I knew I was going home with many beautiful pictures that this family is going to relish for many long years. What I do is a beautiful job! :)


By the way, if you are interested, there is a separate picture-story from this couple’s engagement (shot two months earlier).


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