Candid photographers Goa – Justin+Prisca’s story

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Candid photographers Goa Part 1 – before the wedding

Weddings are mainly about happiness and fun. But then there is always a lot of confusion and chaos too! The last moment hiccups and unplanned situations occur in almost every wedding! :) And that’s what makes a wedding, a wedding! Anyone who has gotten married, will agree with this! I love to capture the behind the scenes images more than anything else!

Justin was getting married to Prisca and I showed up at his house to capture the pre-wedding madness! :) And happiness of course!

Candid photographers Goa Part 2 – the wedding


The church was less than five minutes’ drive from Justin’s house. The wedding took a while though! :)

Candid photographers Goa Part 3 – the reception

The reception was held at Bay 15. It was almost two hours drive from the Church. By the way, Ankit and myself had shot another wedding (Gujarati) at Bay 15 sometime back. You must check out that work too!

Candid photographers Goa Part 4 – the couple shoot


A day or two after the wedding, I caught up with the couple again. They were staying in a resort on the Candolim beach. They put on their wedding dress and I tried to capture the natural chemistry between them! That’s my style pretty much (the ShaadiGrapher style) – focus less on choreographed poses (getting inspired from other couple-shoots) and more on capturing something that is unique to each couple. I asked Justin and Prisca to enjoy each other’s company and not worry much about the pictures. They enjoyed and I guess that shows in the pictures! :) Of course we did few poses too! :) Because it’s always good to do few poses! :)

Hope you loved the images! Always be happy and keep getting married! :)

PS: Candid photographers Goa :D


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