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Story from a destination Vedic wedding in Haridwar

Choosing you as my official photographer is the second best choice of my life. The first of course is my wife!!

Vineet Sourav

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Vineet is a dear friend. We studied together for a while in Deoghar. But soon we were in different colleges and the last time I saw him (before finally meeting him for his wedding) was when I was still studying in Chennai. That was about nine years ago! Over the years, he moved to Sydney and all that. I was so glad when he called me up to share the news of his wedding and more so, because he wanted me to be the photographer! :) Last month, he got married to beautiful Swarnim in a short, simple and beautiful Vedic wedding held in a nice green resort on the outskirts of Haridwar. This is the story from that.

I am super happy for Vineet. Hopefully I shall get to meet him in Sydney before he ends up moving from the city. I hope you all liked what the pictures had to show! Keep loving your life-partners and if you happen to be single, I wish that you get married when the the time is right!