Aditya + Sam – Kolkata 2020 – wedding in Covid times

I landed in Kolkata with Aditya and family. I was seeing him after years. We wondered if hugging was a good idea during Covid times. We did.

Kolkata Airport arrival. 2020.

Sam left after the ring exchange. Next day was a big day. We began it with Aditya’s haldi. The usual – Masti. Madness. Joy. Lot of yellow of course. And laughter.

Then we took a small break. After the break, Aditya got some mehndi put on his hands. We danced for a bit and then it was time to leave for the wedding. And resume dancing.

The second round of dancing had clearly more energy.

Sam is from Kolkata. A lot of her friends and relatives and her family’s friends came to greet her before the wedding. Like they always do. It was all fun. The guys mostly kept dancing. And some posed photos of course.

Once we had danced enough and the timing was right, the wedding began. It is all about the right time. It was a fun wedding. Short, sweet and simple. Colourful, intimate, warm. Indian weddings are cute. Bengali weddings are cuter. With ups, and downs.

Happy ending. Yay. Some tested positive after the wedding. Me too. All of us eventually recovered. All’s well that ends well. Hope you enjoyed the wedding through my pictures. Honest. Art. Stories. That’s how wedding photographs should be. No?

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