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My name is Amrit. I am a wedding photographer / cinematographer (and a documentary filmmaker). I live in Goa but shoot across India (without charging people for travel). Occasionally I do get wedding assignments in Goa itself. This story is from one such wedding. ‘Wedding cinematographers Goa’ is a phrase used purely for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization (a necessary evil, if I want the Googling world out there to stumble upon my work). Please don’t mind.

Wedding Cinematographers Goa – the wedding story of Janvi & Raunak (Nov 2016)

Below is a ~20 minute documentary style movie from the wedding that will make you smile and laugh at many times. That’s my style. The ShaadiGrapher style. We try to keep it real without overdoing the slow-motion or too much interview or too much song after song. Watch it yourself and be the judge.

Who dates for a decade? Or more than a decade?

Janvi and Raunak did. And then they finally got married. The above movie and the pictures below were all captured from a single day of shoot. I shot the movie (and edited it later) while Ankit took the candid pictures. That’s about it. No fancy team and any of that. There were few more cameraman for traditional video and photo though.

Ankit and I reached Bay 15 in Dona Paula (Goa) in the morning to shoot a pre-wedding Gujarati ceremony for Janvi. It was a nice sunny day and the venue by the sea looked lovely. Janvi looked lovely too.

wedding cinematographers goa



Janvi explained to us that though she was a Gujarati (based in Goa), Raunak was a Goan and Goans don’t have any funda of baraat etc. This was the first ‘baraat’ that was happening in Raunak’s family and so he was a bit stressed about it. But boy, did Raunak pull off his entrance in style or what? :)

  wedding cinematographers Goa



I hope you enjoyed this picture story (and the wedding movie). If you relate to this style of wedding-film and photography and want to get me (or a ShaadiGrapher) to create such images and film from your wedding, you can write to me at (or call me up on +91 95525 89252). I will need to know 1. date(s), 2. city and 3. approximate start+end time of all functions to be able to arrive at a fee. The pricing formula is pretty transparent though!

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PS2: Below is my Vlog where you can find me flying a drone in this wedding (amongst other things):

PS3: For those of you who saw the above Vlog and want to know more about the blind guy, here is the movie I did on him.

PS4: Wedding Cinematographers Goa :P


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I started in the spring of 2012 to experiment with wedding photography. Prior to that, I studied at IIT Madras (2003-08) and worked as a business consultant in PwC for four years. Since 2014, I have also been making documentary movies on a variety of subjects and issues ( Phone: +95525 89252 Email: To get quote for wedding photography / cinema, please provide city, date and approx duration of all the functions. I am location independent and shoot across India - without any additional charge for travel.

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