Candid photographers Hyderabad – S+N (2016)

My name is Amrit. I am a wedding photographer (and a documentary filmmaker). In Nov this year (2016), I travelled to Hyderabad to shoot a wedding. This is a picture story from that wedding. ‘Candid photographers Hyderabad’ is a phrase used purely for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization (a necessary evil, if I want the Googling world out there to stumble upon my work).

Candid photographers Hyderabad

Below are some of my favourite images from this wedding.


Chiran Fort, Hyderabad.


The bride (in yellow) leaves for a temple as a soldier looks along. The venue by the way, is Chiran Fort.

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Let’s call the groom N. His sister, A, was my junior at IIT. I had shot her engagement few months ago. N, A and the entire family loved those pictures. So much so that N and S (his wife now) ended up hiring me for their own wedding too! And now I guess the whole family is happy all over again. :D

Though I hadn’t planned it, for some reason I ended up shooting the entire ~6 hrs wedding with just one prime lens (35mm). How awesome is that!

I hope you enjoyed this picture story. If you relate to this style of photography and want to get me (or a ShaadiGrapher) to create such images from your wedding, you can write to me at (or call up on +91 95525 89252). I will need to know the dates, city and approximate start+end time of all functions to be able to arrive at a fee. The pricing formula is pretty transparent though! By the way, we also make documentary movies from weddings.

PS: Before I end, let me throw the keyword once again – there you go Google – candid photographers Hyderabad

PS2: I also made a Vlog (somewhat boring though) when I went to shoot this wedding.


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I started in the spring of 2012 to experiment with wedding photography. Prior to that, I studied at IIT Madras (2003-08) and worked as a business consultant in PwC for four years. Since 2014, I have also been making documentary movies on a variety of subjects and issues ( Phone: +95525 89252 Email: To get quote for wedding photography / cinema, please provide city, date and approx duration of all the functions. I am location independent and shoot across India - without any additional charge for travel.

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