Top candid photographers Bhopal – Ankita+Sahil story

Ankita has known me since her sister’s wedding that I had shot few years ago (in Bhopal too).  She and Sahil were studying in the same college in Canada where they fell in love. Sahil was a year senior and a class topper. This is their wedding story. ‘Top candid photographers Bhopal’ is a phrase that I am forcing upon this story, for SEO. Please don’t mind? :D

Top candid photographers Bhopal – Part1: Engagement & Sangeet


Sahil hugs Ankita as he and his family arrive in Bhopal.

We had been waiting for Sahil and his family to arrive since quite some time. They were coming all the way from Haryana. Their train kept getting delayed. First by an hour. Then another. And then on and on. The engagement that was planned for morning eventually got shifted to late afternoon. But all’s well that ends well as they say! :)


The engagement and some small rituals got over pretty quickly. Sangeet was scheduled for the evening. Originally, we had planned do an evening couple-shoot (before Sangeet). But because of this train delay, there was no time for that any more. It was Sangeet time straight away.

Top candid photographers Bhopal


Ankita describes her love story to a relative. :P

I love the above picture. This truly is my kind of candid. Looking at the above picture makes it obvious that the lady is seeing the uncle (on the right), after a long time. And that she missed him all this while. Sometimes people ask me – ‘does candid photography mean only the couple will be shot’? The above picture is the answer.

A younger Ankita.
Ankita dances for her guests.

Top candid photographers Bhopal india

Thus ended a beautiful day. I was still at the Sangeet when Ankit called me up to let me know he had landed (from Mumbai). He headed straight to the hotel to sleep. He had come to shoot a movie from the wedding day.

Top candid photographers Bhopal – Part 2: Wedding & Reception

Wedding was slated for early afternoon. I utilized the morning to do a bit of couple-shoot. Some of it in Nur-us-Sabah and some on the streets of Bhopal, by the lake.

Nur-us-Sabah Palace, Bhopal.

You can see more pictures from that pre-wedding shoot here. The wedding was a short and simple affair. I mostly stuck to photography while Ankit handled the cinematography. Once in a while, I did shoot bits & pieces of video.


Top candid wedding photographers Bhopal best candid photographers Bhopal


Chhavi has a baby now. Chhavi is Ankita's sister whose wedding I had shot few years ago. In the same banquet hall.

Ankita’s oldest sister is married to a charming Bengali. Chhavi, whose wedding I had shot earlier in Bhopal, got married to a Telugu dude. And now Ankita had introduced a sweet Haryanvi to her family. This is what she was talking about! :)



The only thing left now was the reception. A studio photographer did bulk of the work as he took posed pictures of the couple with the guests. Ankit and I did manage to get few candid clicks here and there. We also managed to shoot a bit of video interview of the couple (for the movie). And when it was all over, we said them goodbye.


Ankita is oh so pretty!


It's necessary to keep peace on your wedding day! :D

Top candid photographers Bhopal

Hope you liked these photographs. This is the kind of candid that I (and few other photographers like Ankit who freelance for me) shoot. Not just closeup of faces with blurred backgrounds but also nice wider angle candid shots that show us how people truly interact with each other and their surroundings, in a wedding.

PS: top candid photographers Bhopal


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