Pre-wedding photography Bhopal – Ankita+Sahil

Pre-wedding photography Bhopal.

pre-wedding photography bhopalpre wedding photography bhopal

Ankita has known me since her sister’s wedding that I had shot few years earlier.  She and Sahil were studying in the same college in Canada where they fell in love. Sahil was a year senior and a class topper.

Almost immediately after sunrise, we started shooting at Nur-us-Sabah Palace (where the wedding was planned for later that evening). Once there was nothing much to explore at Nur-us-Sabah, we moved to a road by the lake. Bhopal has several beautiful lakes. It was a moderately cold morning. The sky was cloudy. And the couple in love.

Pre-wedding photography Bhopal

Nur-us-Sabah Palace, Bhopal.

pre wedding photography bhopalpre wedding photography  bhopal couple shoot


Ankita's cousin sister and Jiju accompanied us for the shoot.

We saw a boat and wondered if we should make some images of the couple seated in the boat. There is a backstory here. Ankita had accompanied Chhavi (her elder sister; not the same as her cousin sister in the picture above) during their couple shoot in 2013. One of the better pictures of that shoot was a boat-picture too. From a more or less similar spot by the lake.


Chhavi & Krishna, Bhopal, 2013.

‘That is Chhavi didi’s favourite picture. She will kill me for copying that’, Ankita worried.

But I knew I was not the same photographer in 2017 as I was in 2013. And that meant, the images created now were not going to be just like the images created then. Also, I remembered using a 24mm prime lens in 2013 while this time I was carrying a 35mm. So in my mind, I was very positive that a boat photograph of Ankita and Sahil was going to be an original boat-photograph. And so we jumped into a boat and had some fun.

So yeah that’s pretty much the story. Hope you liked the images. You can read up more about my approach towards couple-shoots here. If you are a couple looking for pre-wedding (or post-wedding) shoot in Bhopal, do note that I don’t do stand-alone couple shoots in the city. These can be done only when I am also shooting a wedding.

You can view pictures from Ankita’s wedding here.

Pre-wedding photography Bhopal

PS1: Of course I ended up with more pictures than I have posted here.

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