Candid photographers Amritsar – Sucheta+Srikanth’s story

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This was my second visit to Amritsar. I had visited the city few years earlier for another wedding.

Candid photographers Amritsar part 1/4 – Shagun

Smiling bride in Smile Cottage.

Sucheta is a Punjabi from Amritsar. She lives and works in the US. That’s where she met Srikanth. His family is from Rajahmundry (Andhra Pradesh). This whole Shagun thing was a new concept for them. But they played along. And everyone had a good time.


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I love it when people are having fun. And enjoying. When I capture that, I try to take wider shots instead of excessive close-ups of faces (with blurred background). Yes, it’s difficult to make an image look great when you go wide but when you get it right, it’s every bit worth it. Don’t you agree?

Candid photographers Amritsar part 2/4 – the couple-shoot

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Srikanth and I were staying in the same hotel. Sucheta came over in the morning. They wanted me to spend some time with them, taking pre-wedding photographs. Between the three of us, Sucheta was the only one from Amritsar. So she was to tell us where we could go out and shoot. She took us to the college where she had studied. The college was architecturally grand. We were having a good time. And then, I had just started to shoot when we were kicked out. ‘You can’t take photographs here just like that – it’s a college’, the guards told us.

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Sucheta already had a plan B. She kind of knew we would get kicked out of the college. Plan B was to go to a park that she was confident about. We went to the park. We had a good time. The month was July and Amritsar was humid like hell. We sweat like pigs.  Just Srikanth and I. Not Sucheta. She never sweats, whatever the humidity be. She has special powers.


Candid photographers Amritsar part 3/4 – the wedding

Evening time was wedding time.


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candid wedding photographyamritsar wedding photography

If you are getting married any time soon, I have a quick suggestion. Please ask your videographer to not use a light attached directly to the camera. It spoils many pictures. Thankfully, the dude in green pants did what he is seen doing in the above picture, only occasionally.




Candid photographers Amritsar part 4/4 – reception


We had travelled a long distance for the reception. All the way from Amritsar to Rajahmundry. It was a small casual function that ended in few hours. I wished the couple a happy married life and flew home the next day. Hope you liked this picture story. Stay beautiful. Feel beautiful.



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