Best wedding photographer Mumbai – the doctor who fell for the chef

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‘I like your work and was wondering if we could meet up sometime to finalize you for my wedding. It is next year.’ Bhairavi had called me in June or July last year. And then we met soon. In Juhu. Where she worked. She was a doctor (and still is).

‘So, is this a love marriage or an arranged one?’ I was curious. I am always curious when I meet my would be clients. Because deep within, I love shooting love marriages. There is so much chemistry between the guy and the gal. It’s lovely shooting them. Because you are not really shooting them. You are just capturing love in the air.

‘Love marriage’, she let me know.

‘Ah, great. And he is a marathi as well’?, I further ask. I know it may look like I ask a lot but then Bhairavi and I were having coffee and she looked like the kind of girl who was good to have a chat with. Smiling, appreciative of good art and all that.

‘He is a marathi alright. But it wasn’t all easy convincing to may parents let me tell you. He is a chef’.

‘Oh, wow! Doctor falling in love with a chef. Now that’s a love story I would like to shoot.’ I never met Bhairavi after that meeting in Costa Coffee Juhu. Till her wedding day. And what stunning she looked. And what great time I had. Marathi weddings may not have all he glamour and hungama of Punjabi weddings, but I love the swiftness with which they start and get over. Short and simple.

Hope you guys enjoy some of the pics shot during the wedding (and the reception held the next day). And hope the the doctor and the chef keep smiling, living together, for the rest of their lives.

You can check out more photos from this wedding on Facebook.


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