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Candid wedding photographers Chennai – a picture story from a Tamil wedding

Candid wedding photographers Chennai – a picture story from a Tamil wedding


This is a story from a wedding I shot in Feb 2014. In Chennai. Govind was getting married to Gayathri. I met Govind for the first time at his parent’s house. The kid in the picture above is not Govind. Yeah I know you guessed. But you know, just in case you thought otherwise. It’s just a good picture (I think he is a cousin of Govind’s). I found him sleeping in one of the rooms when I visited the house.

Govind was getting ready in another room (or shall we call it a hall?) for his reception. His dad was enjoying using a new DSLR camera that Govind had recently bought. Govind was very passionate towards photography. His dad too, I guess. Or may be he was just being a good dad :)

candid wedding photographers chennai 2IMG_7837 IMG_7872

A passionate photographer or a good dad? Or both? Of course both!

IMG_7902 IMG_7904 candid wedding photographers chennai tamil wedding

Once this small ceremony at Govind’s parent’s place was over, I left for the reception venue. I wanted to go say hi to Gayathri – the bride, while she was still getting ready. Gayathri was a shy bride. But I do think she said a hi back to me. I walked around like a ninja. And adored the pink walls of the room where she got ready.


Gayathri takes one last look at herself before heading out and facing the world. With Govind at her side of course.


The world that Gayathri had readied herself for.

candid wedding photographer chennai

Govind by Gayathri’s side.

IMG_8479 IMG_8500

Bring on the gifts, oh yes.

IMG_8656IMG_8501candid wedding photographers chennai IMG_8669IMG_8808 IMG_8843 IMG_9100

I remember Govind asking me on phone, (while still enquiring about ShaadiGraPher fee and how we worked) if we had shot enough Tamil weddings. I had shared with him the link to a picture story from the first TamBrahm wedding that I had shot (in Chennai itself). And another one, an Iyenger wedding from Kochi. The first story had very few pictures and the second one did not have any picture from the wedding day itself. I had shot few more till then, but nothing more was up on on the site. This post is the only new post after that – in the Tamil wedding section!

Candid wedding photographers Chennai

Govind’s wedding started early in the morning. Like most Tamil weddings do (or to be correct, like ‘every’ Tamil wedding does).

IMG_9486 IMG_9566 IMG_9567

IMG_9791IMG_9876IMG_9850As the day progressed, the guest count slowly went up. The wedding proceeded to it’s final phase.

IMG_9932candid wedding photographers chennai

Candid wedding photographers Chennai

IMG_9957IMG_0034IMG_0076 IMG_0099 IMG_0143Those who had not been able to attend the reception, finally found the opportunity to pass on the gifts, now that the wedding was finally over. And everybody was happy in general.

IMG_0182candid wedding photographers chennai1 IMG_0208 candid wedding photographers chennai 3 IMG_0078 IMG_0409 IMG_0504

You are hungry my love. Please have something to eat.

IMG_0545 IMG_0594 IMG_0750

Govind changed into a shirt and a pant. The couple received one final set of blessings.  I packed my bags. And left for the airport. The next wedding awaited me in Goa. Hope you liked the picture story. And please don’t mind the overdone search engine optimization (SEO), or the more than excessive usage of the keyword ‘ candid wedding photographers Chennai ‘. One of the several reasons, I do get invited to shoot these variety of weddings across India, is because of Google! At the end of it all, unless you care about the work, you will not invite me anyway. So all is good I guess! And now, let me go ahead and use the keyword one more time! :D There you go Google, happy?

Candid wedding photographers Chennai – a picture story from a Tamil wedding

Pictures and text by Amrit.

Amrit's work only, Picture-Story, Tamil, wedding shoot

Top wedding photographers Kerala

Post by Amrit – co-founder of ShaadiGraPher

top wedding photographers India kerala

Let me refer to the groom as Duck and the bride as Dee. Both of them live and work in Mumbai. Both are Mallus otherwise. They met casually through common friends, starting going out and then, well, decided to get married. Duck found me out through Google. And booked me for four days, of which, three were to be spent in Kerala (the wedding ceremonies) and one in Mumbai (the reception). At this stage I am not sure I have the energy to create stories for all the four days, but let me start off with the first day anyway.

It was the month of July and this was my first trip to Kerala. The wedding was in Cochin. I had flown down the night before from Pune where I’d finished shooting yet another wedding. July sees a lot of weddings by the way. I shot weddings for four different clients in that month. In four different cities.

I met Duck and Dee the next morning. This was our first meeting (so far, everything else had been on phone, as is often the case). While Duck left to start off a Pooja, I hung around with Dee to document her getting ready for the first ceremony. The wedding would take place only the next day. And now let me allow pictures to take over the narrative – that would be more fun I guess! :)

top wedding photographers india

In the mean time, in a roof-top hall, we have…

best wedding photographer in keralatop wedding photographers india

The evening function was essentially about both families exchanging gifts with each other. Duck was happy to have a shirt on this time. :)

top wedding photographers India keralatop wedding photographers india candid

Later that evening, my wife arrived from Goa. Her first time to Kerala too. We were planning a vacation in Kerala after Duck & Dee’s wedding. My parents and siblings were to join us as well. Brother-in-law had already taken care of full itinerary and bookings. But anyway, there were two more days to go, before the vacation began. Two more days of roaming around like a Ninja trying to capture all kinds of candid moments! If I get back with stories for next days, great, else, hope you enjoyed these pictures nevertheless!

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Amrit's work only, Picture-Story, Tamil, wedding shoot

Best wedding photographer Chennai – candid pics from KG’s tam-brahm marriage

[Post by Amrit]

Please pardon the screwed up title of the post. When your lively-hood depends on Google being able to show your site in page 1 when people search for best wedding photographers – India, you have to make sure whatever you do on your site, helps Google give you a good ranking. And until Google comes up with an algo to differentiate between good pics and bad, I will have to rely upon key-word heavy blog-post titles. That said, let’s talk about KG’s wedding from August last year. KG is an IIT senior and we both were in the same department together. His real name is Karthik, but if you know anything about IIT, you would know that no one knows each other by their real names. KG is what insti called him. KG is what insti calls him. His wedding was the first IIT-mate’s wedding that I shot professionally. I even ran into one of my old professors at the reception!

Ok, so here I go. I think KG’s wedding was about…



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