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Let me refer to the groom as Duck and the bride as Dee. Both of them live and work in Mumbai. Both are Mallus otherwise. They met casually through common friends, starting going out and then, well, decided to get married. Duck found me out through Google. And booked me for four days, of which, three were to be spent in Kerala (the wedding ceremonies) and one in Mumbai (the reception). At this stage I am not sure I have the energy to create stories for all the four days, but let me start off with the first day anyway.

It was the month of July and this was my first trip to Kerala. The wedding was in Cochin. I had flown down the night before from Pune where I’d finished shooting yet another wedding. July sees a lot of weddings by the way. I shot weddings for four different clients in that month. In four different cities.

I met Duck and Dee the next morning. This was our first meeting (so far, everything else had been on phone, as is often the case). While Duck left to start off a Pooja, I hung around with Dee to document her getting ready for the first ceremony. The wedding would take place only the next day. And now let me allow pictures to take over the narrative – that would be more fun I guess! :)

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In the mean time, in a roof-top hall, we have…

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The evening function was essentially about both families exchanging gifts with each other. Duck was happy to have a shirt on this time. :)

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Later that evening, my wife arrived from Goa. Her first time to Kerala too. We were planning a vacation in Kerala after Duck & Dee’s wedding. My parents and siblings were to join us as well. Brother-in-law had already taken care of full itinerary and bookings. But anyway, there were two more days to go, before the vacation began. Two more days of roaming around like a Ninja trying to capture all kinds of candid moments! If I get back with stories for next days, great, else, hope you enjoyed these pictures nevertheless!

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