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Beach weddings are fun, aren’t they? Though I live in Goa, my shoots are scattered all over India (mainly because neither me nor Neelabh charge for travel). But when I do get shoots in Goa, it’s always nice. This is the wedding story of Gaurav & Nishtha who got married earlier this year. They were studying together in US and that’s when they fell in love. Their wedding took place in Cidade da Goa. It started with a fun couple shoot. I bonded with them in like half an hour of my first meeting and then we roamed around the beautiful resort till the sun set! I had fun, they had fun, and all of us had some nice pictures as a memory of that evening!

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Beach wedding photographers India

It was a two day weekend wedding. There was a small ceremony the next afternoon. The girl and her family visited the groom and his family. Amongst other things, Nishtha dipped her hands in a haldied water bowl. And left her palm-impression on a white piece of cloth. But more than the ritual, it was simply a nice happy gathering where a lot of guests from Nishtha and Gaurav’s respective sides where meeting each other for the first time!

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Beach wedding photographers India

An awesome fun dance cocktail party was planned for rest of the evening. Before that, we also had a simple family photo-shoot by the beach. It was mostly taken care of by the traditional studio photographer whom I had brought along. But I did take few pictures -just for the sake of it! :)


And then the evening set it and the naach-gaana began. And that’s when I got into real action! :) Nothing gives me more pleasure than shoot a group of people have total fun. Amidst the song and dance, there also was a small ring exchange and cake cutting ceremony in between. This is what living in US does to couples! :P

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Beach wedding photographers India

I was not very happy with the lighting by the way. Few halogens were trying to light up the entire dance floor. I had a real tough time taking good pictures. Had there been multiple sources of small lights all around the stage, the pictures would have come so much better. And I could have taken so many more pictures than I did. I even had to use camera-flash for a lot of party pictures. I wish I didn’t have to! They always kill the beauty of the ambient lighting. But what do you do when the ambient lighting is simply not helpful? But thankfully, what helped was the good mood of the evening and the awesome time that everyone had – that kind of helped add some charm to some pictures!

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Beach wedding photographers India

Next and final day was the wedding (I have skipped talking about haldi and mehndi because well, this post already became way too long). Now in a wedding, generally is the getting ready of bride that I shoot. In Nishtha’s and Gaurav’s case, I had to manage with shooting Gaurav as he readied himself for the big day.



And once the groom was ready, it was time to feed the ghodi and get the baraat started!

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As the baraat took its time to travel from one point in the resort to another, someone tipped me that Nishtha was back from her parlour. And I rushed to see her. Oh so cute she looked! :)


And then I joined back the baraat. And then the wedding started. And everyone had a good time.

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Weddings these days are hardly complete without the jooti of the groom getting stolen! :)

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Once the wedding was over, there was a small singing and dancing get-together! The last event of this awesome weekend wedding in Goa that I had a nice time shooting! Gaurav & Nishtha rocked with performance on several Bollywood numbers, most notably ‘Tamma Tamma Loge’! :)

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Beach wedding photographers India

I hope you enjoyed this picture story. I could later give to them 1700+ processed pictures from all the days. And then of course more pictures from the studio photographer (who was there throughout to take care of posed pictures). I wish this lovely couple all the very best in their new life together!

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