Candid wedding photographers Bangalore: Anusha’s story

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Traditional photography was not enough for Anusha. While still in Sydney, she had been scouting for candid wedding photographers and that’s how she found about ShaadiGraPher. She was getting married to a Punjabi in Kannadiga traditionan. In Bangalore. She booked me from Sydney itself and it was only a few weeks afterwards, on her wedding day that we met each other. I wasn’t sure of the groom’s name when I arrived for the shoot. And guess what I saw at the venue?

Candid wedding photographers Bangalore: Anusha’s story

candid wedding photographers bangalore candid wedding photographers bangalore

What a weird coincidence, two Anushas were getting married on the same day in the same venue. And Karan sounded as Punjabi a name as Harman. I had to call up Anusha to ask which floor was she getting married in. Only when she said ‘2nd’ did I conclude that my Anusha was getting married to Harman. Not Karan. I wonder if the other Anusha’s wedding photographs will look as kickass as Harman’s Anusha. :)

candid wedding photographers bangalorecandid wedding photographers bangalore

The punjabi kuda was soon helped dressed like a Kannadiga groom. He still looked Punjabi. :)


Once the individual poojas of the bride and the groom were over, the wedding started. And then it swiftly ended with some fun-games for the newly married couple to play!

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The lunch reception was held immediately after the wedding. Anusha hurried to take on a totally new look this time. And Harman could do away with the dhoti now! :) He felt happier! :)

IMG_2481IMG_2518candid wedding photographers bangalore candid wedding photographers bangalorecandid wedding photographers bangalorecandid wedding photographers bangalorecandid wedding photographers bangalorecandid wedding photographers bangaloreIMG_2683

And well, thus ends the picture story. Hope you liked it! Do leave a comment to let us know! If you are in search for candid wedding photographers in Bangalore or elsewhere, we hope you will consider us for your wedding. We travel and shoot all across India.

Update: few months after this wedding, we shot another Kannadiga+Punjabi wedding in Bangalore. This time around we also created a cinematic wedding movie – you can watch the trailer on Vimeo.

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