Our Charges


Candid Photography

Fee for Amrit (or any one ShaadiGrapher) to do candid photography for:

  • one full day (8 to 10 hrs) is INR 60,000/-
  • one full day + another consecutive half day (4-5 hrs) is INR 90,000/-
  • two full days is INR 1,10,000/-

There is no separate travel cost involved, for all major cities Accommodation might be required in cities other than Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad, Delhi and Ahmedabad.

What you get are high resolution soft-copies. Each submitted photograph will be of the same high standard as this website sets. We don’t dump thousands and thousands of RAW unedited files and expect you to choose the best ones. From a day, you can expect anywhere between 300 to 400 and from a half day something around 200. You can order photo-books after receiving the soft-copies and pay for the books later (price varies from 15k to 20k per book – view details).

We provide two options. You can order as many Photo-books as you require.

  • Option 1 – 25 spreads (i.e. 50 pages) thick – this can have about 100 to 120 photographs; comes for INR 15,000
  • Option 2 – 50 spreads (100 pages) thick – this can have about 200 to 250 photographs; comes for INR 20,000

Both the above options are from Canvera – one of the leading photo-book publishers in India. They are of premium quality and 11X16 inch in size, with lay-flat binding. The cover is of a textured material, over which embossed text can be printed (like “A weds B”).

This is how the textured cover looks like – we go with the red colour.

This is how a lay-flat binding looks like when the Book is open.

We do a very clean, non-flashy layout – like this. Please do make sure that you like our style, before your place order for a Photo-book.

Once you have shared with us the file names of the photographs shortlisted for printing, (and made payment for the Book), we will do the layout and once the layout is finalized, we will get the Book printed by Canvera – they will directly ship it (free of cost) to any Indian address that you provide (in about a week’s time).

Wedding Movie

Fee for Amrit (or any one ShaadiGrapher) to shoot and edit a wedding movie from:

  • one full day (8 to 10 hrs) is INR 90,000/-
  • one full day + another consecutive half day (4-5 hrs) is INR 1,30,000/-
  • two consecutive full days is INR 1,60,000/-

From a day, you can expect a ~15 minute movie. From two full days you can expect ~20 to 30 minutes movie. You can also order a short 3 to 4 min trailer for INR 25,000/-

Candid Photography + Wedding Movie

Fee would be sum total of individual fee for both the services.

If different functions are going to be in different cities, you can mention that in the comment-box at the end of this form. Thanks.
If you require different set of services on different days, then please explain so in the comment-box at the end of this form! Thanks.

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  1. Heey ….was just flipping pages to look 4 a creative photographer who can cover my sis wedding at patna..and found ur profile….first of all really liked the work…n secondly the way you guys have described your self(smuggler) ha ha..another one a tecchhiiie ..an IITian falling for his passion..thats good….im myself a nift graduate..wish that I should have taken my photography classes more seriously. .then aaj sab ke kapde banane ke alwa photography main b would have pitched in..anyways I dont think so our budget will allow to take up didi’s wedding assignment with you guys but I guess its very difficult for a middle claass family to hire a creative photographer for their wedding especially in smaller cities like patna but still I know and understand the kind of effort that goes in creativity…hope I find someone good soon at take this up..apart from this …great work …super cool ….all the best to u guys :) regards prerna singh rathore

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