Examples of wedding cinematography in India

Wedding Cinematography India

Wedding Movie Trailers | Full Wedding Movies

Wedding Movie Trailers

The above was a two day destination wedding held in Anand, Gujarat. This is a story of how Kanika’s parents accept Manprit – a cricketer, as their daughter’s husband, even when they don’t quite understand how cricket can be a profession! :)

Kim met the charming Arron in Calgary (Canada) and came down to Goa to get married!

Aman & Ohmika’s story is that of an office romance that got serious and finally resulted in this beautiful wedding held in Dec 2014 in Delhi!

Watch the above trailer to see how extravagant weddings can get! This is from an international destination wedding we shot!

In the above trailer, we have mixed pre-wedding shots with wedding / sangeet footage to bring out the love story of cute Ankit & the gorgeous Smriti! And there is a surprise ‘desi’ song towards the end which you don’t want to miss!

Wedding Movie Trailers | Full Wedding Movies

Full Wedding Movies

Deepti and Chetan find each other online and soon discover they are the perfect life-partners. The above 15+ minute movie is their wedding story (from one and a half day of events in Pune) from 2016.

Uma & Vidish live in Australia. They came down to their hometown Pune to get married in a traditional marathi way.

Sadhana & Shubhro fell in love with each other while working in the same firm in US. Though Sadhana is a Telugu and Shubhro a Bengali, they believe they are more Indian. Their wedding story portrays how two cultures come together to celebrate love.

Beautiful destination wedding in Jaipur.

Aman+Ohmika – from office romance to a journey of lifetime!

What happens when you have known your partner for last 8 years before you get married? The above short-movie will answer (pure awesomeness in brief by the way! :D )

Nishtha+Vamsee – they live and met in Australia, fell in love and came to India to get married. It was a mix of hindu north Indian and Telugu customs. Shot by Ankit, edited by Amrit. It was a single day event and this full movie is ~40 minutes long.

In less than 15 minutes, we have have captured all the good moments and important rituals throughout the day from this beautiful Tam-brahm wedding!

Wedding Movie Trailers | Full Wedding Movies

Hope you liked the above examples of wedding cinematography. We don’t send few guys to hold a video-camera and an irritating yellow light (that burns your face more than it lights up) to shoot everything. And we don’t add stupid-looking graphics and Bollywood songs throughout. What’s the point of having something which even you yourself will get bored watching, forget others? We hope that our examples above have given you a good idea of what kind of stuff we actually create. Beautiful, aesthetic and ones that have a story around them. Than just a random collection of visuals.

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Charges & other Frequently asked questions

[expand title=”Our charges”]

Candid Photography

Fee for Amrit (or any one ShaadiGrapher) to do candid photography for:

  • one full day (8 to 10 hrs) is INR 70,000/-
  • one full day + another consecutive half day (4-5 hrs) is INR 1,00,000/-
  • two full days is INR 1,30,000/-

There is no separate travel cost involved, irrespective of the city where event is. Accommodation might be required in cities other than Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad, Delhi and Ahmedabad.

What you get are high resolution soft-copies. Each submitted photograph will be of the same high standard as this website sets. We don’t dump thousands and thousands of RAW unedited files and expect you to choose the best ones. From a day, you can expect anywhere between 300 to 400 and from a half day something around 200. You can order photo-books after receiving the soft-copies and pay for the books later (price varies from 15k to 20k per book – view details).

We provide two options. You can order as many Photo-books as you require.

  • Option 1 – 25 spreads (i.e. 50 pages) thick – this can have about 100 to 120 photographs; comes for INR 15,000
  • Option 2 – 50 spreads (100 pages) thick – this can have about 200 to 250 photographs; comes for INR 20,000

Both the above options are from Canvera – one of the leading photo-book publishers in India. They are of premium quality and 11X16 inch in size, with lay-flat binding. The cover is of a textured material, over which embossed text can be printed (like “A weds B”).

This is how the textured cover looks like – we go with the red colour.

This is how a lay-flat binding looks like when the Book is open.

We do a very clean, non-flashy layout – like this. Please do make sure that you like our style, before your place order for a Photo-book.

Once you have shared with us the file names of the photographs shortlisted for printing, (and made payment for the Book), we will do the layout and once the layout is finalized, we will get the Book printed by Canvera – they will directly ship it (free of cost) to any Indian address that you provide (in about a week’s time).

Wedding Movie

Fee for Amrit (or any one ShaadiGrapher) to shoot and edit a wedding movie from:

  • one full day (8 to 10 hrs) is INR 1,00,000/-
  • one full day + another consecutive half day (4-5 hrs) is INR 1,40,000/-
  • two consecutive full days is INR 1,75000/-

From a day, you can expect a ~15 minute movie. From two full days you can expect ~20 to 30 minutes movie. You can also order a short 3 to 4 min trailer for INR 25,000/-

Candid Photography + Wedding Movie

Fee would be sum total of individual fee for both the services.

If different functions are going to be in different cities, you can mention that in the comment-box at the end of this form. Thanks.
If you require different set of services on different days, then please explain so in the comment-box at the end of this form! Thanks.



[/expand] [expand title=”Are we available on your dates?”]

Why don’t you check out for yourself. Enquiries mean someone else has also checked with us, but is yet to block the dates. ‘Booked’ means, well, booked and hence not available. And because we shoot ourselves, when we are booked, we just can’t help you!

[/expand] [expand title=”Booking Process”]Fill up the form below and submit. And if you are one of those I-hate-to-fill-online-forms types, email to us your wedding schedule (which means, exact dates, city, and start+end time of each function) and let us know what all you want (only candid pics, or also cinematic film or also posed pics or regular videography or photobook). The email ids are amrit@shaadigrapher.com and neelabh@shaadigrapher.com.  We will share an Engagement Letter with you, detailing things like, how many pictures to expect, deliverable timelines, payment timelines, standard terms & conditions etc. The dates will be blocked for you post payment of 50% of the applicable fee as advance amount. Most of our clients see us directly during the shoot but we love catching up in person if we happen to be in the same city as you.

[formlightbox_call title=”lightbox form” class=”1379055627989″]Contact Us Form[/formlightbox_call] [formlightbox_obj id=”1379055627989″ style=”” onload=”false”]
If different functions are going to be in different cities, you can mention that in the comment-box at the end of this form. Thanks.
If you require different set of services on different days, then please explain so in the comment-box at the end of this form! Thanks.

[/expand] [expand title=”How early do you need to book us?”]

Well, before someone else does.We block dates on 50% payment as advance and what it means is that, you just need to be early enough than someone else who might pay us before you for the same date. Otherwise, you can feel free to take your time to decide. First come, first serve is what we believe in (and who came first is decided not by who enquired first, but who paid the advance and blocked the dates first). And since we shoot ourselves, once we are booked, well, we are booked. And because we shoot all over India, most of our clients see us directly on the wedding day (this remark is for some of you who don’t believe in finalizing a photographer unless you have ‘physically’ seen him).

There is no time limit as such but we usually don’t like to take bookings more than 8 months in advance.

[/expand] [expand title=”What equipments do we use?”]We use Canon 5d Mii and 6D bodies complimented with various lenses (mostly primes like 24mm f1.4 LII,  50mm f1.4, 135mm f2 to name a few). These are used in conjunction with lot of DSLR video shooting accessories like monopods with fluid-heads, glidecams, sliders, external microphones etc.

[/expand] [expand title=”About us”]

We are the leading candid wedding photographers & cinematographers in India.



I, Amrit, did my B.Tech & M.Tech from IIT Madras and joined a business consulting firm thereafter. I worked for four years and then in mid 2012, I left my job as a manager in Mumbai to become a full time wedding photographer, married my amazing girl-friend, went on a honeymoon to South Africa and after returning, we shifted to Goa. Other than photography, I love running marathons, travelling the world with my wife, making short documentary movies and drinking beer like a boss (because beer is pretty cheap in Goa).

Check out my latest three picture stories.



As the name suggests, Ankit is my brother. Younger brother. He did his engineering from BITS Pilani (Goa) and presently lives with his wife and a pet Dalmatian in Mumbai. He teaches Physics to IIT aspirants when he is not shooting pictures or making wedding movies. Oh, by the way, he also owns and operates this super-cool personalized gift website called Dezains.com

Check out the latest three picture stories from Ankit.



Others talking about ShaadiGraPher / Amrit  / Ankit

If you had been looking for best candid wedding photographers in India and in the world, your search ends here. Today is the age of artisitc photography. Creative photography. You don’t want the same posed pictures that everyone else has from their weddings. You want to savour real emotions. Get in touch with us. We shall make your special days memorable for the rest of your lives.



[/expand] [expand title=”How many people will be shooting / will there be a team of photographers?”]

The best thing about us is we shoot ourselves. Amrit or Neelabh. And if both of us are booked but you still want ShaadiGraPhy, Ankit can take up the challenge. But that’s about it. No fancy team. No delegation of work.

[/expand] [expand title=”What if we never show up after taking the advance?”]

Hmm. Good question. Statistically speaking, since we started shooting pictures under the brand-name ShaadiGrapher, it has never once happened, that we failed to show up. That does not mean it can never happen. What if we fall severely ill on your wedding date? Or if the only flight to a particular city gets cancelled because of any reason? Though we don’t have a ‘proven’ answer to what we do in such rare scenarios, we will first try to make sure someone is able to do an awesome photography at your wedding or if in the rare of rarest scenario (which may never arise, insha allah), nothing works out, will refund full amount.

However if by the above question, what you really imply is, what if we ‘intentionally’ don’t show up; what if we are fraudsters; well, in that case you are pretty much fucked! What else! Your money is gone and you are left with no candid photographer to shoot. You should find us. And kill us. Shoot us rather – because we failed to shoot you :P

[/expand] [expand title=”Typical Terms & Conditions”]
  • Shaadigrapher shall have intellectual property rights over all the wedding filme that we create
  • Shaadigrapher shall retain the rights to use the wedding film to showcase our work to other prospective clients (through our Facebook page / website) or for any other relevant purpose

[formlightbox_call title=”lightbox form” class=”1379074607099″]Contact Us Form[/formlightbox_call] [formlightbox_obj id=”1379074607099″ style=”” onload=”false”]
If different functions are going to be in different cities, you can mention that in the comment-box at the end of this form. Thanks.
If you require different set of services on different days, then please explain so in the comment-box at the end of this form! Thanks.



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