Examples of wedding cinematography in India

Wedding Cinematography India

Wedding Movie Trailers | Full Wedding Movies

Wedding Movie Trailers

The above was a two day destination wedding held in Anand, Gujarat. This is a story of how Kanika’s parents accept Manprit – a cricketer, as their daughter’s husband, even when they don’t quite understand how cricket can be a profession! :)

Kim met the charming Arron in Calgary (Canada) and came down to Goa to get married!

Aman & Ohmika’s story is that of an office romance that got serious and finally resulted in this beautiful wedding held in Dec 2014 in Delhi!

Watch the above trailer to see how extravagant weddings can get! This is from an international destination wedding we shot!

In the above trailer, we have mixed pre-wedding shots with wedding / sangeet footage to bring out the love story of cute Ankit & the gorgeous Smriti! And there is a surprise ‘desi’ song towards the end which you don’t want to miss!

Wedding Movie Trailers | Full Wedding Movies

Full Wedding Movies

Deepti and Chetan find each other online and soon discover they are the perfect life-partners. The above 15+ minute movie is their wedding story (from one and a half day of events in Pune) from 2016.

Uma & Vidish live in Australia. They came down to their hometown Pune to get married in a traditional marathi way.

Sadhana & Shubhro fell in love with each other while working in the same firm in US. Though Sadhana is a Telugu and Shubhro a Bengali, they believe they are more Indian. Their wedding story portrays how two cultures come together to celebrate love.

Beautiful destination wedding in Jaipur.

Aman+Ohmika – from office romance to a journey of lifetime!

What happens when you have known your partner for last 8 years before you get married? The above short-movie will answer (pure awesomeness in brief by the way! :D )

Nishtha+Vamsee – they live and met in Australia, fell in love and came to India to get married. It was a mix of hindu north Indian and Telugu customs. Shot by Ankit, edited by Amrit. It was a single day event and this full movie is ~40 minutes long.

In less than 15 minutes, we have have captured all the good moments and important rituals throughout the day from this beautiful Tam-brahm wedding!

Wedding Movie Trailers | Full Wedding Movies

Hope you liked the above examples of wedding cinematography. We don’t send few guys to hold a video-camera and an irritating yellow light (that burns your face more than it lights up) to shoot everything. And we don’t add stupid-looking graphics and Bollywood songs throughout. What’s the point of having something which even you yourself will get bored watching, forget others? We hope that our examples above have given you a good idea of what kind of stuff we actually create. Beautiful, aesthetic and ones that have a story around them. Than just a random collection of visuals.

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