Best wedding photographers in Mumbai – the cruise wedding story

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It was in June or July last year when Prashant called me up. I lived in Mumbai then. ‘I have already booked two studio photographers for my brothers wedding’, he told me.  ‘But I stumbled upon your site. And I loved the pictures. So I would like one of you to join us. And take pictures in your style. We are planning to have the wedding in a cruise from Singapore to Thailand. We live in Nagpur otherwise’.

Over few more phone calls and emails, Prashant soon decided to have both of us instead of just one. One of the studio photographers got dropped to avoid  crowding of photographers. We even promised to Prashant a 10 minute cinematic wedding-film summary from each day. He already had two regular videographers for shooting and dumping everything on a DVD.

Once the deal was done, we waited for many months. Finally in Feb this year, we left for Singapore. There, we joined Prashant and his family for the wedding. And oh my God, what a wedding it was! The wedding itself happened on land – in a resort in Phuket, Thailand. The cruise halted there for few hours on the third day of the journey.  But every other function took place on the cruise itself.

The pictures used in this post are only few drops from the ocean of pictures that we clicked. But hope they paint the picture the way we saw it. A tad more pictures are there on our FB album in case you want to have a look. And here’s the link to a wedding-film trailer and the main wedding day film.

 Best wedding photographers in Mumbai – the cruise wedding story

Best wedding photographers in Mumbai

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PS: the last picture in this story is from the pre-wedding shoot by Neelabh in Hyderabad (a few months before the wedding) – all other pictures are from the cruise / Phuket resort.


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