Goa Wedding Photographer Amrit’s first couple shoot in the beach town

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I am glad that the photographer Smriti had first booked, didn’t show up. It was her parent’s 30th wedding anniversary. Smriti and her sisters had gifted a surprise Goa vacation package to their parents. And they also wanted someone to click some nice couple pictures of the two of them. Smriti had found and booked a photographer. But he ditched her. I was more than happy to take this up when she asked. What better way to cut the ribbon in a new city than to celebrate 30 years of togetherness with an awesome couple?

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Although I would like the city to know me as the best Goa Wedding photographer, couple shoots are as much fun as wedding shoots. You often have to go to them. And tell them the basic things without which pictures may not look awesome. And then they take care of it for a while. And then they start having fun. The whole air lights up. Sparks start flowing. And water droplets. They often forget the basic things without which pictures may not look awesome. But they are having fun nevertheless. So you let them have fun for a while. And then go back to them again. And remind them of the basic things. And keep clicking. Till both you and the couple are drained out of energy.

If you are wondering what these basic things are that I kept talking about a zillion times above, well they are:

  • talk to each other with your eyes
  • keep your faces and body as close to each other as possible, irrespective of what you are doing (walking, talking, smiling, blushing)
  • have fun – the expressions on your face will show whether you were enjoying each other or getting stressed up about how the pictures will come out

The above pointers apply for pre-wedding couple photography as well. By the way, on the topic of wedding anniversaries, we hope you have seen our anniversary-video that we did for a client in Delhi recently. If not, you should check it out. Cool concept for a silver jubilee anniversary!

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  1. What a beautiful way to express even beautiful photographs.. Indeed you are the best photographer!

    Thank God my photographer ditched me…else my parents could have never discovered the romance they always had ;)

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