Mumbais best wedding photographer – I want you to be the Shaadigrapher at my wedding

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‘I want you to be the Shaadigrapher at my wedding’ – said Kiran to me. I was so glad to hear someone using the word Shaadigrapher as a common noun. :)

Kiran got married to Namrata in June and I had a wicked awesome time shooting their shaadi in Borivali. Both of them looked great together. Ankit – my brother, joined me for the shoot and tried clicking few pictures himself. He is good, I tell you (though pics below are the ones I clicked, his clicks have been putup in a separate folder in our FB page).

Isn’t Namrata’s smile better then even Madhuri Dixit’s? I was totally enchanted. No wonder Kiran had to point to me later that I had taken way more pictures of hers than his! :) But he loved the pictures and so did she. In fact, he later told me it was him who had put fight to get me to his wedding (where there already were few studio photographers). Kiran explained to me how difficult it had been for him to explain to Namrata and others in his family that he deserved a Shaadigrapher. Only later when they saw the pics, did they thank him for getting me to shoot his wedding.

Becauase I had Kiran in my FB friend-list added, I could see that he had uploaded almost all the pics I had sent to him in Shaadigrapher DVD. I later asked him, why did he upload all of them? I mean, so many? ‘They all are simply too good’, he replied. Now that was so nice of him. He also informed that most of the pics taken by the studio guys had come out ‘white’. Did they also provide soft-copies, I asked? Yes, they did, I was told. And you didn’t upload a single pic that they had taken? I asked. No, not a single pic was worth uploading. I was told! Sigh!

I am so glad Kiran could understand the difference between the kind of stuff Neelabh and I (and few more in our line of work) offer from the kind of regular (and often sub-standard) stuff that so many studios offer. And I am so glad I got to shoot his wedding. Wish him and Namrata a wonderfully happy married life!

Check out more photos from this wedding on Facebook.


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