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Best wedding photographer India: Shaadigrapher picture featured in The Hindu Metroplus

[Post by Amrit]

kuch-kuch-hota-hai1 1200px

That’s me and Princy – my now-wife (but a girl-friend when this picture was taken on self-timer at her place in Ahmedabad). So yeah, technically this picture was not shot for any client but for myself. And it got featured in The Hindu Metroplus (click here to read the story about pre-wedding shoots where I have also been quoted). Although the light looks natural, it is falling from two flash lights, one bare and another through a soft-box. In case you are wondering what these random names of producers and directors on the poster are, well, while Tushar & Bhavna are my now sasur-ji & sasu-ma, Arti and Ashok are my mom and dad respectively. :)

Although being a photographer, I executed it, the idea was not mine. It was Princy’s. We were planning to have a party the night before the wedding for close family and friends and Bollywood was decided as the theme. So she suggested if I could shoot a few pictures of ourselves in some of the easily recognizable get-ups / postures. And I obliged. It was a pain to set everything up on a tripod, run to her, take my pose and be ready for the shutter to click – for which the Canon 5D Mii gives not more than 10 seconds! But the pain was worth it because finally, everyone loved the big sized posters that we got stuck up at the venue. The other movie-poses we shot were from Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, DDLJ and Mohabbatein. Funny people we are.