Best wedding photographer in Goa: Meghaa+Nikhil couple shoot

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Note: Wedding-story of this wonderful couple can be seen here in another post.

A friend of Nikhil had seen my work during a Gujarati wedding in Mumbai. He directed Nikhil to me, who was only happy that from Mumbai, I had moved to Goa, where he was planning to have his wedding. He was getting married to his beautiful girl-friend Meghaa. We finalized the deal over phone about three to four months back. Finally in June, they arrived in Goa. First day had the sangeet ceremony and wedding was planned for the next day. We decided to do some pre-wedding shoot on early morning of first day. ‘Sun rises by 0630 AM these days, so let me meet you guys then?’ I proposed. They were cool.

I left my house at 05 AM. Even by 0630, I was struggling to locate the Zuri resort where Meghaa and Nikhil were put up. Lack of people on roads and lack of precision of Google Maps didn’t quite help. Finally found the place. Wonderful property it was. The couple were ready only by 0720ish and once I finished my cup of coffee (which I had ordered as I was waiting for them), we started working on the shoot, inside the resort. Meghaa wanted the pictures of her in formal clothing (in which she was already dressed up) to be taken inside the resort itself and thereafter beach shots in casual wear.

Best wedding photographer in Goa: Meghaa+Nikhil couple shoot

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We spent about an hour moving inside the resort, clicking pictures and when it was time to hit the beach finally, it suddenly occurred to Meghaa – will I get tanned? And then she was convinced that she indeed would, if we did the shoot on the beach any more – the last thing a bride wants to get a day before her wedding. So well, we decided to do a post-wed beach shoot once the wedding was over. They were to spend few more days in Goa, after their wedding.

A day before the scheduled post-wedding shoot, I was awake till morning four (generally wasting time over internet). I had promised to see them at 0630 AM at Candolim beach (where they had shifted to, a day after their wedding. I slept at 4, woke up at 5 and realized I was too exhausted to shoot anymore. ‘Can we do the shoot in the evening?’, I asked Meghaa through text. I waited for few minutes for a reply and because I didn’t get any reply, well, I slept again. I woke up at about 0715 AM. It was drizzling slightly. And there was a reply – ‘we are leaving today evening itself Amrit’. Shit – I screamed in my head.

‘Alright, on my way, just hope the drizzle subsides by the time I reach’. I picked up my camera bag, jumped inside my car and in half an hour, was with them. And well, the drizzle had indeed subsided. Also, the beach was more or less people-free and it made shooting even more easier.

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And once we were done with the beach shoot, Nikhil suggested if I could shoot some pictures at the Fort Aguada as well. It was only 2 to 3 Kms from where we were. ‘Sure’, I obliged. And then I drove them to the fort. And I must say, I absolutely love the way some of the pictures clicked at the fort have come out to be. The clouds did the trick in most of the pictures I guess.

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I wish this sweet couple a smooth and a happy journey that they now begin together. And hope you liked the pictures. Do drop in a comment, if you did! Thanks. You can also check out the wedding-story of this beautiful couple here.

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Ps: here is link to the resort property where the pre-wedding shoot was done


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