The Goa wedding story by one of the best candid photographers in India

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This is the story of Meghaa & Nikhil – a sweet couple who got married in the lovely beach town of Goa in June this year. You might like to read the pre-wedding (and post-wedding) story first (or can do that after you are done with this story).

So after the pre-wedding shoot, I returned home (another hour long drive), crashed for some time and then returned in the evening to shoot the sangeet ceremony. Well, the event was slightly delayed and when I reached, folks from Nikhil’s side were still rehearsing. And having a blast as they revised the steps!

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Megha soon called me to her room where she was getting ready. And oh what a lovely dress she had chosen for the sangeet! She looked like a Hindi movie heroine!

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And once she was done, I moved to Nikhil’s room (which was like literally on the other corner of the resort).  And soon he was ready too!

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What followed for the rest of the evening was some pooja, a quick ring ceremony and loads of dancing.

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The Sangeet got over by mid-night. I drove back home (another hour long drive), got up the next day and was back at the Zuri resort by 3 in the afternoon. Once again, everyone was running slightly late. So I had lot of time to click both Meghaa & Nikhil getting ready for the big day! Do you spot me in one of the pics below? :P

The Goa wedding story by one of the best candid photographers in India

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Now the Marwari custom (Meghaa is a marwari, while Nikhil a Gujarati) is that before the guy and his family leave for the baraat, the bride’s brothers / family have to come and invite them. And for some reason, Nikhil and his family kept waiting for someone from Megha’s side to come to his room for the invitation. And kept waiting for a long time. Apparently,  Meghaa’s brothers had been searching for a tokri which that had gone missing at the last minute and hence they could not come soon enough! So well, as everyone waited, they gossiped, cracked jokes, laughed and pulled Nikhil’s leg once in a while! And finally once Megha’s brothers arrived, we did a quick pooja and moved on to start the baraat-procession.

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Nikhil had got for himself a brilliant vintage car. It got very cloudy and then it started to drizzle. I was afraid that I might end up damaging my camera if something was not done soon. Thankfully, a 100 meters away was parked my car (it is another vintage btw – a Hyundai Accent bought only few months ago). Inside my car, lay an umbrella. So I ran, took out my umbrella and came back to the scene. Junta had started dancing just then. Thankfully, it didn’t rain really (and so I could just keep aside my umbrella and shot freely). The drizzle stopped, the clouds cleared up and it got rather nicely sunny for those 10 minutes that we wanted the weather to support us. And the rockstar of the whole baraat was Nikhil’s granny who joined even when on wheelchair! Respect!

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Dancing continued for a while even once Nikhil was out his car. And who said only baraatis can dance? Meghaa’s sister joined them and rocked!

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And then, the beautiful bride appeared and in oh-such-a-cute doll-like way. Once you set your eyes on her entrance, you just kept looking! Delight to the eyes…

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And because we were really run out of time, the wedding happened quickly. With all the features of a typical Indian wedding. Happy couple, cute kids, delighted parents, shoe-stealing conspiracies, those stealing glances and the laugh riots.

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And then it was time for vidaai. Meghaa hugged her mom and guess what, both of them burst out laughing. This was the first time I saw both mom and daughter laughing in happiness. Loved it. Of course, Meghaa did get emotional and with teary eyes, but only for few minutes in between! :)

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Phew – what a wonderful wedding it was. Hope you liked some of the pictures that I could share here (I guess I have around 1000 pictures to be shared with the couple). I met Meghaa & Nikhil a few days later (they stayed back in Goa after the wedding) to do a post-wed shoot, pictures of which you can check out here. Do leave a comment below if you liked our work.

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Technical details: I clicked majority of my pictures on a Canon EOS 6D body with a Sigma 50mm f1.4 lens mounted on it. I did use a 24mm f1.4 and 135 f2 once in a while along with a 5d Mii body. I never needed to use flash-light for any of the pictures.


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