11 incredible pictures from NZ that I brought back

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Alright so I also brought back a funny Holioke video (which I guess most of you might already have seen). And some of you, especially those who are on my FB list, would also have seen some of the pictures that I had earlier posted from this trip. But there were few more that I had not yet shared. And so I thought of putting them together, all at one place. With some story behind the picture may be. Not that all pics necessarily have a story. :)

The above picture (with the red car) was taken on the day when we were traveling from Christchurch to a place near Lake Pukaki, called Omarama. This red convertible was parked outside the cafe where we had coffee (and may be something to eat). This was the same car that we had used during our South Africa road-trip for our honeymoon. Just that, that was blue and this was red. And so I setup a camera on tripod, framed the image, clicked and ran to take the position. I wished the car were parked on the right side of the frame (don’t quite like the green bush right behind the car). But then it would have been too much to ask the owner for keys. :P

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That’s like Pukaki (or Tikapo – I never remember one from another) behind Princy in the picture above. And if you see carefully, you will see sunrays (through the clouds). Looked more surreal in reality than it manages to look in the picture. In this image, I tried a shallow depth of field. Just for the fun of it.

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The above is now our trade-mark road trip picture! :P We had something very similar from South Africa. Guess should aim to have one in each country! Long way to go. The above picture was taken when we were returning from Milford Sound (there is a picture of that place as well) to Queenstown.

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This was taken on the only day when we actually saw sea in New Zealand. While driving from Queenstown to Hokitika. We tried having our breakfast here but there were way too many sand-flies for us to enjoy the view.

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This is from Milford Sound, about which I talked about. People typically take a cruise-tour or a helicopter ride in this place. But all that we did was sit around, shoot our song and take self portraits on timer. I love the way the ship came behind in the above picture!

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Both the pictures above were taken when we took a short drive from Queenstown to Glenorchy. The first one, while on way, the second one, once we reached. Although Princy seems to be very precariously placed in the second picture, it was not that risky! Even the picture below is from the same place.

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The above two pictures are from Queenstown. The first one was taken when sun had almost set. I run into this place by sheer luck. We were returning from Milford Sound and it had been a long long day. Sun almost set as we entered Queenstown and I wanted to stop by at some place so that I could capture the city glowing in orange light. However, there simply was no place where we could stop and park, so we kept driving down till found a place to park the car. As I came out, I saw access to a nice bank right next to the parking. I ran there before the sun could disappear. I found these trees, some erect, some fallen. And I captured some of the golden awesomeness of the setting sun. The only reason I took the second picture is because Princy fell in love with colour of the leaves of this tree, standing on a footpath in Queenstown.

incredible images of new zealand 2

And last but not the least, this is again lake Pukaki or Tekapo. Those who have seen the Holioke will recognize a lot scenes from this place. These two lakes were undoubtedly the best thing that we had ever seen anywhere in the world (whatever little of this world that we have seen). Hope you like these few images that I could bring back and share from New Zealand. Happy travelling! This trip has left us broke with over 2 lakhs of bills to pay. But we think it was worth it. Paise to aa jayenge life me, lekin agar jawaani me duniya nahi ghooma, to kiya kya? Baba ji ka thullu? :P


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