Amrit’s reception story

Pictures (most of them) by Ankit Vatsa – one of the best wedding photographers in India. Story narrated by Amrit.

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Best wedding photographers in India – Amrit’s reception story

The train journey from Ahmedabad to Patna (followed by the early morning taxi ride from Patna to Deoghar) left us very tired. We reached Deoghar in the morning and the reception was in the evening itself. Thankfully, Subbu had taken a flight to Patna, and thus had already been in Deoghar since two days. He had been made responsible for making sure that all arrangements were in place. He did a good job. And was obviously tired (as can be seen). By the way, Subbu was also the only photographer for the reception. As if, he had not worked hard enough! But then, there is a reason we have brothers, don’t we? And sisters.

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Sweety helped Princy get ready. But what was beyond help was trying to source a chunni that fit Princy’s sari. Princy had not realized till the last moment that she was supposed to have a chunni over her head. So she had not brought anything along. And no one else in the house had anything matching to offer. With a cold heart, Princy finally went ahead with the best option available (now that I look at the picture, it doesn’t look too bad anyway, or does it)? However, Princy hated the way she finally looked. Till date, I am not allowed to share reception pictures with anyone.

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During the planning stage, Papa and I had debated if we really needed to have a reception in Deoghar. But I was sure I wanted one. How else could I take blessings from Baba-Dadi before starting a married life? They were too frail to travel to Ahmedabd for the wedding. And this reception was for them, than for anyone else!

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From Princy’s side, other than my sasurji and sasuma, Rajesh Mama-Mami and Biren uncle also came down all the way from Ahmedabad to attend the rather simple reception that we could put together. And of course, I am glad that some of my relatives who had not been able to attend the wedding itself, dropped by to bless Princy and I (especially my badi mami – whom I love very much and Sweety’s sas-sasur). It was also great to have some special people who had already attended the wedding in Ahmedabad and yet managed to save enough energy to be with us in Deoghar – Amitji, Bullu uncle, Sujata chachi & their adorable daugthers (my cousins) Disha & Arya, Baby didi, Shailendar uncle and of course my adorable nana-nani.

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