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It so happened that in the last 5 weeks, I got to shoot two weddings in Bhopal. Was hired by the would be bride on both occasions. And what beautiful looking ladies they both were. Vasudha and Anuja. I had my own wedding in between these two weddings but that’s a different story.

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When working as a business consultant, I chanced to visit Bhopal a few times. We had a guest-house in Shalimar hill where I used to stay always. Very close to that guest-house is one of the best known heritage hotels in the town – Jehan Numa Palace. The place does have a royal feel to it – I know it because both these weddings took place in the same hotel. I didn’t really notice back then (during my guest-house stays) that Bhopal actually is a nice, clean, scenic city. The lakes add to the charm I guess. Anyway, let this post be more about the weddings in Bhopal than Bhopal itself! :) (to view many more pictures, see our Facebook Albums – kinda convenient to put pictures there)

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Vasudha, the first bride I shot liked the pics so much, she passed on our whereabouts to a colleague of hers in HT, who would soon be featuring Shaadigrapher in an upcoming wedding special edition of HT later this year. Anuja, the second bride, is yet to see all the pictures, but I have been told she (and her friends have family) have loved the work they have seen so far. I think that’s the ultimate feeling a photographer can have, the feeling of having done a good job at the end of the day. The feeling of having brought that smile on the faces of the couple and rest of them who  cam for the wedding. People tell us our pictures look like Bollywood movie shots. I think Indian weddings are that – a series of Bollywood movie shots. And that’s how wedding pictures should therefore look like.

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Phew!! By the way, it will take some time for it to sink in that I am myself a married man now. Wonder when will I get the time to sit and process my own wedding pics! Sooner than later. :)


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