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Telugu, wedding shoot

Best wedding photographer Chennai – when I showed Neelabh my campus

[Post by Amrit]

I landed in Chennai earlier than Neelabh. I had enough time before the evening Mehndi shoot. I was put-up in a guest house in Adyar. The care taker welcomed me. And then informed me – ‘we have a power shut-down once every month. Today is that day. The electricity will come back in evening 0530 PM.’ Awesome!

With a phone with zero charge, I did the obvious thing. I hit insti. IIT Madras. I had crossed the IIT main-gate while on my way from airport to the guest-house in Adyar. As I was crossing, I quietly asked my AC ambassador taxi driver what his name was. ‘Putthu’, he answered. ‘Putthu, you see this campus on your right. I have spent five years of my life here’. ‘Five yearsaa?’, Putthu acknowledged my deep rooted connection with Chennai.

So I went to campus and got my phone charged. And what a surprise, it happened to be Convo day. Had not expected but did run into few hostel juniors. They had completed their five years. I also met Mash – my DDP guide and told him about my new plans. He was excited. He asked me drop by when the semester began and give a guest lecture. ‘Don’t speak anything technical. Just speak about life in general’, he smiled. I smiled back. And said tata to him. And to his cute little son. Who is four and a half years now. Who was only six months old when I had graduated.

While coming from airport, Neelabh picked me from IIT and we hit the venue directly. Loving family Anu had. And we had some good time clicking. And we continued clicked the next day and the day after (which is today). Anu is happy married to Akshay now. And we are so glad she gave us a chance to capture the Telugu wedding in all its grandeur. And hope she and her family like what they receive soon.

Alright, time to rush to catch my train to Bangalore. Next shoot on Wed, Thu. Neelabh is going back to Hyd in the morning but shall be joining me in Bang again. And we shall have some more kickass time. Shooting a Kannadiaga wedding this time.